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WorldSkills Restaurant Service

Skill explained

Restaurant service involves the service of food and beverages in fine dining restaurants, bistro's, cafés, hotels and other dining establishments.

Waiting staff prepare tables for service, take orders, clear down, mix and serve drinks, open and serve wines, calculate bills and take payments.

Waiters are required to provide a high standard to match the quality of the food they serve. They are the face of the business and the most important contact person attending to the customer's needs.

What the Competitors do at the Competition

  • Preparation for service (mise-en-place)
  • Service of food
  • Service of beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic
  • Service of coffee and tea
  • Preparing gueridon dishes (side trolly)
  • Carving techniques
  • Preparation of cocktails
  • Drinks identification
  • Personal presentation
  • Social skills

WorldSkills RS

2014 Competitors

  • Lisa Hill - Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland
  • Alana Mayo - Western Institute of Technology, Taranaki
  • Kowai Te Ture - NZ Defence Force
  • Kassey Samuels - NZ Defence Force

2014 Judging Team

  • Rebecca Rosie - The Canterbury Club
  • Kirsty Lister - NZ Defence Force