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WorldSkills Visual Merchandising

Skill explained

Visual merchandisers are responsible for the conception and execution of a visual display that advertises and enhances a retail outlet's wares.
The concept of visual merchandising: communicating with the target audience in windows and stores by attracting, connecting and engaging with customers by window design and product presentations to maximize sales.

What the Competitors do at the Competition

The Competitor is judged on: 

  • Research brief, theme, target audience and product given to design and produce drawings for a unique window display
  • Select and allocate supplied materials to design
  • Plan and organise window installation to include time management
  • Present, motivate and explain ideas and design to the jury
  • Install window display
  • Complete installation as a real world example

WorldSkills VM

2014 Competitors

  • Holly Phelwasher - Eastern Institute of Technology
  • Emily Childs - Eastern Institute of Technology
  • Brooke Stacy - Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
  • Jade Stacy - Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

2014 Judging Team

  • Lisa Douglas - Skill expert and judge, Hotfoot
  • Clare Savage - Judge, ServiceIQ