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Support for Māori and Pasifika

New Zealand is renowned for its welcoming multi-cultural society, with Māori and Pasifika people a key part of our uniqueness. This applies as much in the service sector as anywhere else. 10% of ServiceIQ trainees are Māori and 5% are Pasifika, and those numbers are rising.

As Māori and Pasifika people are motivated to move into areas of greater responsibility and management, ServiceIQ can assist with the right level of training.  

Authentic feel of Tourism Aotearoa

New Zealand’s unique Māori culture is a huge draw card for our international visitors, and it’s important we offer an authentic experience. For example, our Tourism Aotearoa – National Certificate in Tourism programme offers the perfect training for staff and tour operators who want to improve their knowledge of Māori culture. You will gain a greater understanding of Māori communication, philosophies and values, in both spiritual and physical realms.The programme will also equip you with the skills to keep yourself and your guests following protocols when talking about and entering sites of cultural significance.

Pacific learner success in workplace settings

ServiceIQ is part of a consortium undertaking research into the links between interventions and retention, training programme completion and higher achievement for Pasifika learners in workplace settings.