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C&I Professional Consultant Award

The Conventions & Incentives Professionals Award has been designed to recognise experienced people who have worked in the Conventions & Incentives (C&I) industry for 5+ years by awarding them the New Zealand Diploma in Tourism Conventions and Incentives (Level 5) qualification with one of the following strands: Conference Organisation, Convention Bureaux,  Incentives Planning, Venue Sales and Operations.

Criteria Eligibility

You must fit the following criteria to be eligible:

A minimum of five years conventions & incentives industry experience.

Must currently be employed within the conventions & incentives industry.

Must have managed or organised conventions & incentives.

How do you apply?

Below are the steps involved in getting your C&I Professionals Consultant Award from ServiceIQ. The minimum duration of this programme is six months at a cost of $450 + GST (including assessment). 



Step One

You complete a short online form that is electronically sent to our Customer Service Team This starts a very straight forward application process.



Step Two

The Customer Service Team ensures you have met the basic criteria of having 5+ years of C&I industry experience in your chosen strand. If your application meets the criteria in the online form the Customer Service Team continues your application process outlined below.



Step Three

Having met the criteria, we will contact you and ask you to complete a Training Agreement and a workplace contact form. Both these documents must be completed and returned to ServiceIQ will invoice for the $450.00 plus GST fee.



Step Four

You will be sent the C&I Professionals Award Workplace Evidence Record form which will guide you through the required evidence collection process.

You can send in your Workplace Evidence Record along with the C&I Professionals Award Workplace Evidence Record form for assessment.

Payment in full must be made with submission of your Workplace Evidence Record. Should your application be unsuccessful, there is no refund.



Step Five

Once your evidence has been submitted to ServiceIQ, we will check that we have everything and that you have met the criteria and, if successful, you gain the New Zealand Diploma in Tourism Conventions and Incentives (Level 5) in your chosen strand.