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eLearning for Schools

Built for schools to provide online unit standard based training to their students.


Blended learning

Online learning material, videos, quizzes, PDFs and familiar paper assessments.


Anytime, anywhere

Whenever and wherever students are they can access their online learning material.


Works on all devices

The eLearning Platform is a web-based platform, so students can access it on any device.


Save money

Our eLearning offer is generally cheaper than our printed products, which saves you money.


Online storage

With online learning material, there is now no need to store your students' workbooks.


Quick delivery

Order on demand as you need them. No more waiting for learning material to be couriered.

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ServiceIQ's blended products

Everything you get now. Only better, brighter and lower cost.

Our new blended training resources are a perfect mix of online and print material. They’re purpose-designed to deliver an engaging learning experience for your students, at less cost to you. You’ll still find the same unit standards, great recipes, menus and instructions you normally use, plus lots more.

Blended, and better.

  • Now full colour.  
  • Videos for a richer more engaging learning experience for all students.
  • Can be projected in the classroom.
  • Viewable by you and your students on any devices, anywhere, anytime.
  • Supplemented with a small amount of pre-printed and self-printed material.    
  • Saves the school/provider money on resource costs each year!


A student's online career training profile

Once your students create an account with ServiceIQ, this will be their ServiceIQ online career training profile. As they progress through their training in the service industry, so will their ServiceIQ training profile.

In the future, as our system develops, they will be able to access their online learning material, record of achievement and certificates all from their ServiceIQ account.  

Blended training packs

Our blended training packs are delivered to you as comprehensive, easy-to-use packs. Each pack contains online student learning material, printed assessments and PDF Tutor Guides. The benefits of these packs over our traditional printed packs are:

  • Instant access to learning material, rather than waiting for them to be couriered. 
  • Students can access their online learning material whenever they need to.
  • No need for you to store the students' workbooks.
  • Tutor Guides are included in the pack as digital PDFs, and are free.

Note: Online learning material will expire 12 months from the date it is allocated to a student.

Step by step process

Step-by-step process guide

To help you get started with the schools online training system, we have developed a step-by-step process guide for you to follow.

Download Step-by-step Process Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you still have some questions around this online training system for schools, you can see if they are listed in our FAQs. If not, then simply contact us.

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'How to' Videos

These videos will help you get started.

Purchasing Online Blended Packs
Accessing digital files
Students accessing their eLearning course

Blended Pack

Blended Training Packs

Listed below are the current blended training packs we offer. Please keep checking here for more as we create them.

Blended Multi Training Packs

A Blended Multi Training Pack (MTP) is a collection of ServiceIQ resources for more than one unit standard. For each unit standard in the pack, you will receive online learning material, paper assessments, PDF activity books and PDF tutor guides. 

Pack Title  Units Introductory Price
(incl GST)
View in shop
Cookery Schools 1  15900, 15901, 19770 & 21058 $28.00 Buy now
Cookery Schools 2 167, 13276, 13283 & 13285 $28.00 Buy now
Cookery Schools 3 15919, 15920, 15921 & 21059 $28.00 Buy now
Cookery Schools 4 13271, 13278, 13280 & 13281 $28.00 Buy now

Level 1 – Blended Individual Training Packs

A Blended Individual Training Pack (ITP) is a collection of ServiceIQ resources for a single unit standard. In a pack, you will receive online learning material, a printed assessment, a PDF activity book and a PDF tutor assessment guide. 

Unit Title  Introductory Price
(incl GST)
View in shop
15900 Prepare and present meat in the hospitality industry $12.50 Buy now
15901 Prepare and present fruit and vegetables in the hospitality industry $12.50 Buy now
15919 Prepare and present hot finger food in the hospitality industry $12.50 Buy now
15920 Prepare and present sauce and soup in the hospitality industry $12.50 Buy now
15921 Prepare and cook a cake, a sponge and a batch of scones in the hospitality industry $12.50 Buy now
19770 Prepare and present egg and cheese dishes in the hospitality industry $12.50 Buy now
21058 Identify career pathways in the hospitality industry $12.50 Buy now
21059 Demonstrate knowledge of knife care, use, storage, and carrying for the hospitality industry $12.50 Buy now

Level 2 – Blended Individual Training Packs

A Blended Individual Training Pack (ITP) is a collection of ServiceIQ resources for a single unit standard. In a pack, you will receive online learning material, a printed assessment, a PDF activity book and a PDF tutor assessment guide.  

Unit Title Introductory Price
(incl GST)
View in shop
167 Practise food safety methods in a food business under supervision $12.50 Buy now
13271 Cook food items by frying $12.50 Buy now
13276 Cook food items by grilling $12.50 Buy now
13278 Cook food items by roasting $12.50 Buy now
13280 Prepare fruit and vegetable cuts $12.50 Buy now
13281 Prepare and present basic sandwiches for service $12.50 Buy now
13283 Prepare and present salads for service $12.50 Buy now
13285 Handle and maintain knives in a commercial kitchen $12.50 Buy now

Note: Paper Student Assessments included in the packs need to be couriered out. Courier fees aren’t included in the prices listed.


Quick Guide

Your quick guide to ServiceIQ's Blended Training Packs

Learning new online systems can be tricky at first. To help, we have put together a quick user guide for you to use.

This guide explains how to purchase the packs, allocate them to your students, access your tutor guides and how students can access their online learning material.

Download Quick Guide

Get expert help

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Schools Team or we can call you. Simply click the button below and give us your contact details.

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Give us feedback about eLearning for Schools

At ServiceIQ we really value what you have to say. It would be great if you could tell us about your experience using our eLearning for Schools. This feedback will allow us to continually improve the system and create a positive online experience for future customers. To give us feedback, please click below and take our feedback survey.

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