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Kick-start a great career in service!

Introducing aviation, tourism, travel, hospitality, retail, retail distribution

Welcome to ServiceIQ, a partner in Got a Trade? Got it Made! and proud to be helping Kiwis get great careers by training on-job in New Zealand’s booming service industry.

Unlimited choice

There are hundreds of terrific careers to aim for: aviation engineer, airport operations manager, pilot, flight attendant, airport customer service, travel consultant, tourism guide, professional chef, catering expert, food & beverage manager, café and restaurant manager, retail manager, and many, many more…  

And the great news is that once you get into the industry you love, you can train and gain the knowledge and qualifications you need to step up into these roles. Find out more here.

Right for you?

If you thrive on helping others, the service industry offers huge opportunities to make a positive difference and enjoy a satisfying career.

And if you learn best by doing, upskilling on-job is the best way to gain an education, experience, qualifications and earn a living, all at the same time.

How do I get started?

The first thing you need to do is get an entry level job in the service industry you’re really interested in. Once you’ve got the job, you’ll have the opportunity to train, earn as you learn, and gain the experience and qualifications that get you the next role and take you places.

Download your copy of the Service Career Kick-Starter.

Download your copy of the Getting Job Ready for the Service Sector activity booklet.


Be inspired by our service industry heroes: 

Tara Jones Aviation Video
Ella Blake Hospitality Video
Sarah Collins Tourism Video
Jessica Keiller Retail Video

Download our 360 VR apps to experience a fantastic tour of these careers: 

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More great stories: 

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Success stories

Read about how others are succeeding in their career of choice 

Beau Richardson
Beau Richardson, Senior Sales Assistant

"The higher you go with training, the more value you can add to the business..."

Find out more

Sarah Collins
Sarah Collins, Senior Guide

I really enjoy working at Hobbiton Movie Set and the opportunity they are offering me..."

Find out more

Jess Simpson
Jessica Simpson, Bookings Coordinator;

“It’s great to have an opportunity to better yourself on the job...

Find out more

Ella Blake
Ella Blake, Front Office Manager

"You can always work your way up in hospitality. The hospitality sector is not a stagnant industry..."

Find out more

Jonelle Goldsbury
Jonelle Goldsbury, RNZAF

"It has been a great career move, there are endless opportunities..."

Find out more

Eliza Swainson
Eliza Swainson, Mitre10 Mega

“I enjoys the challenge of coming up with design solutions for customers..."

Find out more

Ellie McIlraith
Ellie McIlraith & Bailey McGuire, Aviation

“Meeting new people and sharing our great country with visitors is hard to beat..."

Find out more

Jessica Keiller
Jessica Keiller, Assistant Store Manager

I want to get to the top. I’m hungry to be better and to take on more..."

Find out more

Chantel with dolphin 448x299
Chantal Mackle, Tour Guide

“I make people’s dreams come true...”

Find out more

Chris Cooper
Chris Copper, Pilot

My ultimate goal is to become an airline captain...”

Find out more

Tamara Johnson, Chef 

“My current job is the most exciting since graduating from my apprenticeship...

Find out more

Jesse Roys
Jesse Roys, Tourism

“I’ve always been interested in dealing with customers one on one ...”

Find out more

Alice Orr, Tourism

Adventure tourism is not a walk in the park. It’s both scary and thrilling...

Find out more

Ash Wade, Chef

“I saw what blending flavours could do to a dish, that’s what made me want to become a chef.”

Find out more

Bruno Maciel, Front of house

“If I can help customers go home smiling, I feel good...”

Find out more

Nicole Brian
Nicole Brian, Aircraft Engineer

“My next goal is to become a licenced aircraft engineer so I can certify aircraft's”

Find out more

Rebecca Parker
Rebecca Parker, Retail

I love helping people and providing customers with the best service....

Find out more

Divan Badenhorst, Retail

I’m very creative and always eager to gain new skills and knowledge that will help prepare me for my next role...

Find out more

Matthew McCarthy
Matthew McCarthy, Museums

My studies are very focused on collections, but there is a big shift towards visitor experience...”

Find out more

Julia Hawkins
Julia Hawkins, Food Services

I like hearing that a meal service has gone well. Really good food helps in a patient’s recovery...

Find out more

Shannon Dixon
Shannon Dixon, Retail

I gained knowledge about how a large business like The Warehouse is run....

Find out more

Jacob Brookie, Museums

Doing this feels fantastic! It’s brilliant not just to have knowledge but to be able to share it...

Find out more

Bayleigh McGuire, Aviation

I would recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest interest in the aviation industry...”

Find out more

Ben Brown
Ben Brown, Chef

It’s fun and I’m learning a lot. They’ve always looked after me and now they’re helping me to craft a career...

Find out more

Amanda Nelson
Amanda Nelson, Travel

“I hate having debt so this way of building a future is perfect for me...

Find out more

Melissa Lacascade, Hospitality

I want to raise my standards for myself and work even harder...

Find out more

Anna Bellamy, Retail

Training forces you to look at different aspects of retail in depth and it keeps your mind fresh...”

Find out more

Haylee Keepa-Gordon, Hotel

It’s a really good learning experience and I don’t have a student loan, which I’m really happy about...

Find out more


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