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Congratulations to Tia Warwick on winning the 2019 #ServiceIQ Gateway Flying NZ Flight Training Scholarship. The $2…

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  • Janet Herbertson News Thumbnail

    A tour of the corridors of power

    Janet Herbertson spends her days in the Parliament Buildings, but she’s not an MP or a member of the media. Instead, Janet is responsible for giving thousands of visitors from New Zealand and all around the world a view of the inner sanctum of New Zealand Parliament. She’s been a tour guide at Parliament for 10 years, but every day is like seeing it anew.

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  • Peter DANN News Thumbnail

    What’s the best way to become a great chef? An apprenticeship for starters

    Peter Dann, New Zealand’s 2015 ServiceIQ Apprentice Chef of the Year is enjoying a similar entrée to a career as some of the world’s most famous chefs: long before opening award-winning restaurants and starring in their own TV shows, celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver both developed their skills on-job as catering apprentices.

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  • Chantel with dolphin News Thumbnail

    The Perfect Job

    Chantal Mackle has the best job in the world. “I make people’s dreams come true,” says Chantal, who takes tourists from all over the world to swim with or view the dolphins at Kaikoura.

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  • Chris Cooper News Thumbnail

    Master and commander

    “My ultimate goal is to become an airline captain,” says Chris Cooper who having just gained his commercial pilot’s licence at age 18 is climbing to the top and will soon train as a flight instructor.

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  • St Johns School News Thumbnail

    A Piece of Cake?

    Every year for the past 10 years, they have practiced their recipes over and over, packed up the gear and gone to the big smoke to win gold in the national cooking championships. And every year they’ve come home empty-handed. Until now.

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  • Raglan News Thumbnail

    The Holiday to Remember

    “We’re not selling accommodation. We are selling memories,” says Raglan Kopua Holiday Park Manager Rob Clark who, with his wife, has built an iconic haven and a highly successful business.

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  • Ravensdown Aerowork News Thumbnail

    A topdressing firm with its feet on the ground

    Flying through rugged country, fast and low feels like adventure tourism for Chris Smith, Engineering Manager at Ravensdown Aerowork. The glamorous, thrilling side of topdressing is also the ultimate picture of his team’s hard work on the ground to keep the daredevils airborne.

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  • Whakarewarewa News Thumbnail

    Building on a great tourism tradition

    The Pink and White Terraces, often referred to as the 8th wonder of the world, were the start of New Zealand’s vital tourism industry. It’s where famous principal guide Sophia Hinerangi enthralled visitors.

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  • Hotel Happiness News Thumbnail

    Hotel Happiness

    If you really want to know what makes a hotel successful, ask the people who are right on the frontline when it comes to customer service – housekeeping. It’s the perfect place to get your career in hospitality up and running, and you’ll earn as you learn from the day you start!

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  • Sam Swaffield News Thumbnail

    New Rising Star Celebrated at Hotel Industry Awards

    Sam Swaffield was named the new ServiceIQ Hotel Industry Outstanding Young Executive of the Year.

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