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Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 WorldSkills New Zealand Aircraft Maintenance National Competition. Gold…

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  • ServiceIQ Expo News Tumbnails

    Tom's top tips for great service

    At the Clubs New Zealand Expo in sunny Nelson, ServiceIQ got some time with Clubs New Zealand President Tom Fisher. We also caught up with him again after he returned from the Australian Clubs Conference.

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  • Jamie Bissonnette News Thumbnail

    Prize gives award-winning chef entrée to the top

    Nickolas Han could well be one of New Zealand’s next great chefs. He’s doing pretty well so far. Having got into the profession through a casual kitchen role, he seems to be on the express dumbwaiter to the top.

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  • Canterbury Museum News Thumbnail

    Putting world-class service on display

    Museums used to be able to rely solely on the strength of their collections to attract visitors. But these days, there are many other options competing for people’s time and attention: from movies, the internet, all kinds of outdoor pursuits and sporting events, to markets and shopping.

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  • McCASKIE News Thumbnail

    A year to success

    Hannah McCaskie became a co-owner in her restaurant just a year after completing her ServiceIQ Cookery Apprenticeship.

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  • Nimons PetePatterson News Tumbnail

    How coaching makes great tourist coach drivers

    Top New Zealand coach company Nimon & Sons Ltd recently took their successful business up a few more gears when investing in tourism training for their drivers.

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  • Carvin Streetwear News Thumbnail

    Staff training is a gift to your business

    Great staff can attract loyal customers, repeat visits, recommendations, a vibrant atmosphere, strong morale and a well-motivated team. The best way to get first-class staff is through a proper training staff training programme.

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  • Holly News Thumbnail

    Retail Qualification takes Holly from job hunter to gold medal winner

    Holly Phelwasher started 2014 seeking a job in fashion retailing. By July she was a Gold Medal winner at WorldSkills NZ, after earning her National Certificate in Retail.

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  • Ian Service IQ News Thumbnail

    To Catch a Thief

    Before training with ServiceIQ, new retail assistant Ian Dunn thought that all it took to deal with a shoplifter was a strong arm and a running tackle. But, as he will tell you, there’s a right and a wrong way to deal with in-store theft. New Zealand retailers lose millions of dollars a year from theft, so it’s important to know how to handle an incident properly and legally, says Ian.

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  • Pataka Gallery News Thumbnail

    The Fine Art of Training

    For art lovers, just the prospect of being able to work among gallery and museum treasures might be reward enough. But a new training programme is adding even more richness to the experience for both staff and visitors at the vibrant Pataka Art Museum in Porirua.

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  • Bayleigh McGuire News Thumbnail

    ServiceIQ Gateway fledgling to fully fledged pilot

    On the day after passing her commercial pilot’s test, Bayleigh McGuire can’t quite believe her own story. This includes her solo flight earlier that week where she flew through the majestic Southern Alps and landed at Mt Cook, “and I’m still only 19 years-old!” she says.

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