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Training & assessment resources

Helping your students learn and grow talent is good for them and for your reputation. You can take advantage of the resources, products and programmes that we offer to do just that.

There’s a wide range of options, from short upskill courses that meet specific needs, such as customer service, food safety, or loss prevention, through to nationally recognised qualifications including New Zealand diplomas and certificates, and apprenticeships.

We can also work with you to tailor something for your institution – just call and talk with one of our friendly training advisors.

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Resource and product types

Student Assessments and Tutor Assessment Guides

Student Assessments (SAs) are assessment tools to assist trainers, assessors and their students to meet the requirements for unit standards. For every SA there is a corresponding Tutor Assessment Guide to give you all the guidance needed to assess the unit standard. This includes sample answers to the underpinning knowledge (UPK) questions found in Student Assessments.

Individual Training Packs

Individual Training Packs (ITPs) are training resources which include learning material and assessment for one unit standard. Each pack contains Student Learning Material, Student Assessment and a Tutor Delivery Guide.

Training DVDs

Our DVDs cover a variety of topics over a range of industries to assist in training your staff or students.

Certificate of Achievement packs

Certificate of Achievement packs (COAs) are short course training packages of usually three or more unit standards. Please note that there are some COAs that are designed especially for use in secondary schools so may not be suitable for other learning institutions. If in doubt, please ask.

Certificate of Achievement PowerPoint CDs

Some Certificate of Achievement (COA) packs have a PowerPoint CD as an optional extra. These are a useful additional training tool and will save you time and money, and ensure that your presentations are right every time.

Reference Texts

Reference texts cover a very helpful range of topics appropriate to each sector. Please note that there may not be any reference text for some industries or sectors.


Can’t find what you’re after?

If you can't find something or have any questions about our resources, products and programmes, please email or call us with the unit standard number.