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Career Kick-Starter and Maps

Kick-start a career with these great free downloads

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Service Career Kick-Starter

This comprehensive guide introduces young Kiwis to the many career opportunities in New Zealand’s booming service industry.

It’s packed full of helpful information, case studies, sector profiles, statistics, job and career paths, and real success stories with just a few of the thousands of talented young New Zealanders gaining an education and industry qualifications on the job, including up-and-coming pilots, aviation engineers, chefs, tour guides, retail managers, museum curators and more.

Service Career Kick-Starter is available in print by registering here

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Career Maps

With the ServiceIQ career maps, your students will discover that a role in a service sector is much more than a job. From an entry level position, the possibilities for a rewarding career are limitless, and include business ownership and world travel.

Download and print out these colourful and easy to follow career maps for your classroom or library walls. Your students might even like a copy for their wall at home, so please let them know where to find these career maps.

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Hospitality Career Map:

Cookery, Food & Beverage, Catering and Accommodation


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Retail Career Map:

Retail Stores and Retail Distribution


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Travel & Tourism Career Map:

Museums, Conventions & Incentives, Tourism and Travel

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Aviation Career Map 1:

Aeroplane Pilots, Helicopter Pilots and Passenger Services

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Aviation Career Map 2:

Airport Operations and Airline Operations

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Aviation Career Map 3:

Air Traffic Control and Aircraft Engineering