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New-look products


Our printed Assessments and learning material will soon start to look a little bit different.

Why are we making changes?

  • users of our resources have been giving us feedback
  • we wanted to make our resources easier to use
  • to ensure greater consistency across our resources
  • it’s important to remain relevant and have resources that are suited to our users’ needs.


Who did we talk to?

Our working groups of writers and graphic designers talked to assessors, assessor support, our frontline staff, our Literacy and Numeracy advisor, workplaces, schools and users of our resources.


What did we learn?

  • our assessments had some unnecessary information
  • we needed to have a greater focus on who each document was for
  • workplaces value concise resources, and schools value activities and underpinning knowledge.


What are we changing?

  • assessments are now more concise and focussed on the person being assessed
  • assessments now use clearer language
  • irrelevant unit standard information has been removed from the front page of our assessments
  • our learning resources have new covers to make it easier to tell different products apart
  • icons and design features have been updated to improve clarity.


As always, we welcome your feedback. Click here