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Resource survey leads to changes


Earlier this year we conducted a survey and asked teachers about how they use our training and assessment resources. There were some very clear trends and we are making changes to our products based on your feedback.

The cookery schools packs will see the most obvious changes. The survey showed that the learning materials were difficult to manage in the classroom so for 2018 we will be binding the learning material for each pack into a single book. The content will still be organised by unit standard but fewer books should help you with storage and organisation. We are also introducing a range of new covers to make it easier to tell the books from each pack apart. The survey also showed that teachers appreciated the flexibility of having individual assessments so they will be staying separate. Cookery schools learning material will remain black and white to help you to manage costs however the individual resources will still be available in colour.

We are also working to make a blended learning option available for the cookery schools resources. This will consist of online learning material, a printable activity book and paper-based assessments.

Other changes to all our resources will be rolled out as we update our products. These include:

  • A range of new covers.
  • A new assessment template that is more focused on the needs of the learner.
  • Clearer assessment instructions for observers and verifiers to reduce the amount of repetitive signing.
  • A greater range of activities and learning checks in the learning materials.
  • More flexible assessment to allow for a broader range of evidence gathering.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Click here