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Pacific Learner Success

The current service sector workforce is made up of 5 percent Pacific.

The Pacific workforce makes up 7% of all workers in the Service sector. This workforce is very diverse, including people from a number of different Pacific Island cultures. There is also a growing number of Pacific-owned businesses in the sector, most of which are small-to-medium enterprises.

Supporting the development of the Pacific service sector workforce Pacific make a significant contribution to the service sector workforce, and ServiceIQ is committed to encouraging and celebrating their success.

ServiceIQ’s industries have a strong, and growing, participation of Pacific in schools programmes and on-job training. 9.27% of the trainees in our industries are Pacific.

A Learner Success plan for Pacific learners has been developed to ensure:

  • Pacific learners have a strong representative voice.
  • Our staff and employers are proactively growing their Cultural Confidence.

  • Pacific learners achieve equitable outcomes. These outcomes are determined in partnership with Pacific Peoples.

  • Pacific Peoples values and principles are inherent in learners measures of success.

  • Learning and wellbeing needs are proactively met. ServiceIQ supports the wellbeing of all Pacific learners.

  • Pacific Peoples are visible at all levels of ServiceIQ.

  • There are strong connections with their communities and whānau.

  • Pacific learners can access multiple opportunities across their lifetime.

  • A strong Pacific Peoples workforce is available to support Pacific Peoples and their whānau. There is a vibrant Pacific ecosystem. Pacific learners and staff thrive, their capability grows and is nurtured.

  • Pacific Peoples identity is reflected within their learning and environment. Learning with ServiceIQ is mana-enhancing for Pacific Peoples and their whānau.

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