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Qual Link

Link your in-house training to nationally recognised qualifications

For larger organisations that have their own in-house, training programmes ServiceIQ offers Qual Link. With this, you can train your staff to national qualifications level without them having to do a completely separate training programme.

Would Qual Link work for my business?

  • do you have more than 50 staff?
  • do you have a commitment to staff training, monitoring progress and achieving results?
  • can you demonstrate that you have robust training programmes?
  • do you want to offer your people the opportunity to achieve national qualifications?
  • do you have a good admin system to record and monitor your people’s progress?
  • are you willing to make some adjustments to your in-house training programmes to link to national qualifications?
If you’ve answered YES to these questions, then Qual Link is the perfect programme for your business.

Why are national qualifications important?

You may already have some really good in-house training systems in place, but adding a national qualification can mean so much more to your business and its people. 

  • National qualifications are recognised throughout New Zealand and around the world, making them a very attractive staff recruitment and retention tool.
  • Your staff are more motivated with greater self esteem and confidence, leading to increased productivity and profitability, with national qualifications providing a clear learning and career pathway.
  • Linking your training to national qualifications offers you the scope to build a reputation as an employer of choice.
  • Being staffed with people recognised as nationally qualified can give potential customers greater confidence that they will receive great service.

Here’s how it works:


ServiceIQ will work with you to cross match your existing training programmes with each of the unit standards that make up the relevant national qualification.

Training Advice

ServiceIQ will then advise you on how best the skill is trained and assessed – this will include on the job practical training as well as, if necessary, any off-job training.


The findings are documented into a matrix document. ServiceIQ will work with you to fill any gaps. Your training programme is then linked to national qualifications.

Qual Link also has the benefit that, as with all ServiceIQ national qualifications, assistance can be given to meet the costs of the training. Contact us for more information.


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