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Keeping qualifications relevant

All Standard Setting Bodies (SSBs), of which ServiceIQ is one, operate a five-year review cycle for qualifications registered on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

Five years after a qualification has been registered, it will be reviewed and a decision will be made whether to: 

  • Roll the qualification over – meaning the qualification is still fit for purpose, and industry and stakeholders have advised us that we do not need to make changes.
  • Revise the qualification – minor changes need to be made which do not require consultation. An example of this would be where the stakeholder group has said the qualification is still fit for purpose but there have been some legislative changes which have affected some of the unit standards in the qualification.
  • Review the qualification – the qualification is outdated and no longer fit for purpose. This requires a full consultation with stakeholders and can be a very lengthy process depending on the qualification and how complex it is, or how many changes need to be made.
  • Expire the qualification – if a qualification is no longer fit for purpose or relevant, following consultation with stakeholders, the qualification may be expired.

A qualification may be revised or reviewed out of its normal five-year cycle if industry indicates there are problems with it. This can happen when another SSB reviews a unit standard contained within our qualification which then potentially makes the qualification unachievable.