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Te Pūkenga FAQs/Transition

ServiceIQ joins Te Pūkenga 1 July 2022

On 1 July 2022, ServiceIQ becomes a Business Division in the Work Based Learning Limited (WBL) subsidiary of Te Pūkenga.

We will continue to be called ServiceIQ and continue to arrange, support, and assess work-based learning, providing our industries and secondary schools with career pathways and nationally recognised apprenticeships, qualifications, micro-credentials and learning resources.

We will be the fifth industry training organisation to become a Business Division within WBL, joining Competenz, Connexis, BCITO and MITO.

For you, nothing changes

Over the second part of 2022, you may notice the Te Pūkenga logo sitting alongside ours, reflecting our new ability to access, on your behalf, best practice, knowledge, and talent from across our vocational education network.

For our customers, nothing else changes: we will continue to offer the same services and products, with the same people serving you.

You can find out more on our specific FAQ pages: