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What is an ITO?

Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) are set up by industry but recognised by government. They coordinate training on behalf of those industries, but also involve many other parties, including education and training providers, funders and government.

ITOs have three core roles:

  • Provide information about industry skill demand – to increase the real power of learners, employers and industry, and to inform providers.
  • Define national skill standards and qualifications required by industry – ensuring the value and relevance of investment in education and training.
  • Broker training to meet the needs of employees in industry – linking individual workplace learning to national industry skill needs.

ServiceIQ supports our employer, learner and government stakeholders by:

  • setting relevant standards, and the quality assurance of those standards to achieve nationally recognised and New Zealand Qualifications Authority registered qualifications
  • facilitating the training needs of the service industry
  • offering training programmes and teaching resources that organisations and educators can use to upskill people
  • arranging for the evaluation of trainees’ learning
  • advocating on behalf of the industry for workforce development
  • providing national perspective and leadership
  • policy setting across the service industry sector.

ServiceIQ is the trading name for Service Skills Institute. You can find our Government Notice of Recognition here.