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Tasty new course on the school menu


The new canapé creation course offered by ServiceIQ is a great way to introduce cookery students to the exciting world of catering. The fun starter will help give culinary students confidence and inspiration to take an even greater interest in a cookery career.

Mastering the art of the mini tart and many other delicious bite-size treats is designed for those studying at Level 3.

ServiceIQ Product Development Manager Phil O’Brien, says it’s a welcome addition to the cookery menu and much more than just a replacement for the cocktail food course that was moved to Level 4.

On completion of the new canapé course, successful students will be hosts with the most, says Phil. “They’ll have gained four credits, an array of really useful skills, and proof they can prepare and present basic hot and cold canapés in the commercial kitchen.”

The course is anything but child’s play. Students will be learning the wide range of techniques needed to create a cornucopia of delicious food that can be eaten easily by partygoers standing with a drink in one hand and a canapé in the other.

It’s a rich and engaging course complete with colourful learning materials and an assessment. The recipes alone include: ‘barbequed pork fillet mini tartlets with red onion and thyme confit’, ‘fig and olive tapenade’, and ‘Asian crab salad croustades’.

Students will discover how to create the famous French canapé, and its hot and cold cousins enjoyed in the cuisine of other countries.

canapes circleThey’ll find out how to select good quality ingredients, and practice different cooking and preparation techniques from moulding, skinning, trimming, mincing, slicing, chilling, filling, crumbing, battering and more. They will learn how to cook piping hot canapés at the last possible minute so that they are in the perfect condition when the tray is circulated to guests.    

And of course, they will develop the delicate, yet decisive skills needed to assemble, finish and garnish many tiny edible works of art.

Whet your students’ appetite with fun starters and fantastic skills. The product 30916 – Prepare and Present Basic Hot and Cold Canapés in a Commercial Kitchen is available to buy here.