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TRoQ – Hospitality Qualifications Update


After two years of the ITO, ITPs and PTEs working together, ServiceIQ's suite of hospitality qualifications will be published on 9th July. We have had a long journey together and we still need to continue walking along the way together.

Below are versions of the qualifications and the expiring National Qualifications:

The qualifications will be published and be useable, but some work remains to be done:
  1. They will be published without any mapped unit standards. These will be added when a raft of new and changed unit standards has completed its own separate path through NZQA, and we have registered Industry Training Programmes for each new qualification.
  2. NZQA would not approve the proposed L6 Diploma at this time, while their Business TRoQ is still in progress, so we have withdrawn it from the bundle. The Business TRoQ is not likely to be completed until 2014. All the other quals will be approved. ServiceIQ will commence further consultation with the sector and re-approach NZQA about hospitality management.
  3. We will need to move ahead with our agreed process for the “Consistency Arrangements”. However, NZQA has drafted new rules and guidance for Consistency Arrangements, which are now out for consultation and feedback. We urge you all to read this carefully and provide NZQA with your feedback. When NZQA publishes the final version of the Consistency Arrangements policy, ServiceIQ will consult with ITPs and PTEs, and revisit the Consistency Arrangements process we agreed together.

Key points:

  1. All existing diplomas, National and local qualifications remain on the NZQF and can continue to be used in the normal way, until such time as any post-TRoQ hospitality diplomas are registered
  2. The replaced National qualifications (i.e. not the diplomas) expire at the end of 2014 and the last date for reporting assessments against them is Dec 2016. Hence the new post-TRoq qualifications should be used as soon as possible, and at the latest for the academic year 2015.
  3. Before any of us can offer a new qualification we have to register a programme with NZQA. There are two categories, Provider and Industry training programmes. The rules are similar. Providers can register their own programmes, and can also approach ServiceIQ to offer the industry programme. ServiceIQ, as qualification developer, can also register a Provider Training Programme on behalf of one or more training providers who wish to take advantage of our facilitation and expertise in doing so. Contact for further information.

For more information, please contact ServiceIQ on 0800 863 693 or email


Name Size Type
C11586-Registration-Letter.pdf 117 KB pdf
post-TRoQ-hospitality-quals.pdf 352 KB pdf
replaced-National-hospitality-quals.pdf 1.6 MB pdf