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Aviation Gateway/STAR Aeroscience Programme

Get ready to take off with a career in aviation!

Aviation has a lot of career possibilities, and this Gateway/STAR Aeroscience Programme offers the ideal quick start. It positions students for a career as a pilot and opens other career path options too.

For example: meteorologist, aeronautical engineer, air traffic controller, flight dispatcher and many more. It covers navigation and applies practical science – a perfect match with your existing curriculum. A self-funding option is also available.

Aviation Aeroscience

Programme overview

ServiceIQ’s Aviation Gateway/STAR Aeroscience programme is a fantastic way for year 13 students to progress to an aviation career path while still at school. The external assessment will also provide real Private Pilot Licence theory exams endorsed by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (NZCAA).

Students can also get a feel for what it is like to fly an aircraft, plus great insights about other roles in aviation. If their passion is to be a pilot or one of the related professions, this is the Gateway/STAR programme that will position them in an industry where youth, passion and commitment are key essentials for a successful career.

How it works

Students conduct their theory training using CBT Systems Ltd online distance learning modules. These are developed by experienced instructors, many of them airline pilots. Students are encouraged to take ‘experiential flights’ as optional extras. These are with CAA qualified instructors at a local flight training organisation.

Students with a general interest can elect to take three subjects: Human Factors (Physiology & Cognitive Processes); Meteorology (Atmospheric fundamentals and practical application); and Aircraft Technical Knowledge (which has an engineering focus). These subjects provide a practical interface with the school curriculum.

If students wish to become a pilot, they can then elect to continue for a further three subjects: Flight Radio Telephone Operator; Aviation Law; and Navigation.

An external theory examination pass is required to validate the programme completion and to be awarded the Civil Aviation Approved Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) theory subject examination credits and NCEA Credits.


Benefits for students

Students who successfully complete the programme will have gained:
  • up to 33 credits towards a New Zealand qualification
  • a minimum of 20 credits towards NCEA Level 3
  • a pass in the Civil Aviation Approved Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) theory subjects
  • real skills and knowledge of the aviation industry
  • an insight into many different career options. 

Programme content

This programme allows students to select any (or all) of the following unit standards. A minimum of 20 credits is required.

Unit  Unit standard title Level  Credits


Demonstrate knowledge of human factors for private aircraft operations

3 5


Demonstrate knowledge of air navigation and flight planning for private aircraft operations

3 5


Demonstrate knowledge of air law for private aircraft operations

3 5


Demonstrate knowledge and use of flight radiotelephony for aircraft operations

3 3


Demonstrate knowledge of meteorology for private aircraft operations

3 5


Demonstrate aircraft technical knowledge and principles of flight for private aircraft operations 3 10
  Total Credits   33

How to apply

To sign up to this great programme you’ll need to:

  • contact your school’s Gateway/STAR coordinator or CBT Systems Ltd to find out about the options in your area
  • fill out a Gateway MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) agreement for your school
  • enrol students using the Aviation Gateway/STAR Aeroscience Student Registration form.

CBT Systems Ltd conducts the Aviation Gateway/STAR Aeroscience theory programme. Flight training options are recommended with Auckland Aeroclub in the Auckland area, Massey University School of Aviation, and selected Aeroclubs and Flying Schools throughout New Zealand.

This Gateway programme is offered for both small numbers of students and larger classes. For specific aviation related enquiries about this programme and for all enrolments please contact CBT Systems Ltd directly at: 

Aviation Gateway Aeroscience document downloads

Listed below are documents for you to access regarding this training. Click the links below to download. If you are needing more general gateway documents, please get them from the Gateway page.

Name Size Type
A-Gateway-Aeroscience-Self-funded-StudentRegistrationForm-Ed4-Nov23-INTV.pdf 122 KB pdf
A-GatewaySTAR-Aeroscience-PBS-Ed5-Feb24.pdf 559 KB pdf
A-GatewaySTAR-Aeroscience-StudentRegistrationForm-Ed7-Nov23-INTV.pdf 122 KB pdf