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Rock Shop & KBB Music Gateway Training

New Zealand’s next Retail Rock Star?

Retail at the Rock Shop is an exciting career choice with loads of possibilities – from helping customers, product displays, marketing, to running a store.

NZ Rockshops and KBB Music is looking to take on exceptional Gateway students and provide them with practical retail experience and one-on-one mentoring to build a career.

To be considered for this opportunity, students must have a good work ethic, be competent in music performance or composition, enjoy talking to people, be customer focused, have a passion for learning and be willing to apply themselves.

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How it works

The training is targeted at year 12 and 13 students. It’s designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career as a Retail Professional in the Music Industry: a real Retail Rockstar!

The students require credits when on placement for NCEA purposes. Assessing will need to be undertaken by the School or ServiceIQ (at a cost).

With the Rock Shop and KBB Music Gateway program, students will be required to meet certain application criteria prior to an interview for acceptance onto the program. We’re looking for aptitude and attitude! The application process is to determine the ‘best’ fit for individual stores and to ensure the student is placed within a suitable store for their learning, development and the best possible experience.

After discussion with ServiceIQ, candidates will need to supply their preferred three stores (as vacancies are limited), Cover Letter and CV.

Benefits for students

  • Get an introduction to an exciting career in retail with the biggest name in the business.

  • Gain credits towards a nationally recognised qualification.

  • Get real experience in a real workplace.

  • Enjoy the camaraderie from working as part of a team.

  • Get the opportunity to be considered for a role within the business.

  • Learn great industry skills and knowledge essential for a retail career.

  • Learn in a fully supportive environment.


Training details

The Retail Customer Service Award is made up of 22 credits covering the essentials in customer service identified by the industry as essential for the retail workplace. 


Unit Unit standard title Level  Credits
57 Provide customer service 2 2
62 Maintain personal presentation and a positive attitude in a workplace involving customer contact 2 3
9677 Communicate in a team or group which has an objective 2 3
11941 Establish and maintain positive customer service interactions in a retail environment 2 2
11968 Demonstrate and integrate knowledge of legislation applicable to sale of goods and services 2 4
11971 Use safe work practices in a retail environment under supervision 2 3
28301 Demonstrate knowledge of a product or product information in a retail environment 2 5
  Total Credits   22


How to apply

Student placements are limited and schools wishing to participate are required to contact us for details on how to register. To apply for this training please contact us at