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Battle of the Pans: New school hospitality competitions 


ServiceIQ is excited to announce the Battle of the Pans.  

This is a new initiative that helps you deliver fun, easy, cost-effective culinary arts competitions that are designed to help your students achieve credits across multiple unit standards in cookery or hospitality. Competitions can be held in your classroom, or at a regional Battle of the Pans event.

Battle of the Pans landscape

The in-school Battle of the Pans helps students experience the competition environment in a fun and non-threatening way, bringing a little of TV’s MasterChef into the classroom, but linked to learning and credit achievement. Students wanting to step up their game – but without going straight into the pressure cooker of a highly formal culinary competition – can enter one of the ServiceIQ Battle of the Pans regionals. 

This ServiceIQ initiative is supported by NZChefs, ensuring that it has industry relevancy. 

Gain skills and make connections 

Involvement with the Battle of the Pans will help students and teachers gain skills and competition experience, all while completing unit standard assessments, including the two Level 3 industry culinary competition unit standards that are available to schools (including our special combined package with assessment service): 

Standard 28106 – Demonstrate knowledge of preparing for a culinary arts and restaurant service competition 

Standard 28107 – Prepare, produce, and present a product or service for a culinary arts or restaurant service competition 

Just as important, it can connect schools with industry so that teachers learn and maintain industry skills, and students have a pathway to experience what a career in hospitality can be. 

When will events happen? 

You can run in-school competitions anytime in Terms 2 and 3, giving plenty of time for any assessments to be completed and assessed, and credits awarded. 

ServiceIQ Battle of the Pans regional competition locations, dates, and entry details are listed below and listed in the regional guide. For the regional competitions, judges will be industry professionals, and there will be student support so that entrants can experience the thrills of a culinary contest without as much stress or anxiety. This provides an ideal stepping-stone into those more full-on professional competitions for students wishing to keep growing in this area.  

Where will events be? 

The Battle of the Pans is a flexible initiative. In-school events can be held anywhere you want. This will most likely be in your school kitchen, and to make this as easy as possible we have created in-school guidelines to help you organise and run your competition and ensure the maximum learning outcomes for your students. These are free of charge, and available below. 

Battle of the Pans regional competitions will be held in Northland, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Nelson, and Christchurch on the dates below. Please note – these may change, and you will be advised of exact time and location once you have registered for a regional competition.

Regional competition

Entries close

Entries confirmed

Comp date


28 June

1 July

10 Aug

Bay of Plenty

5 July

9 July

17 Aug


12 July

15 July

24 Aug


19 July

22 July

31 Aug


26 July

29 July

7 Sep


2 August

5 Aug

13 Sep

Join the Battle of the Pans 

Take the next step and join the Battle of the Pans by downloading the relevant guides below. These guides give you all the information you need to compete in or run your own Battle of the Pans competition.

  • Download the Battle of the Pans regional guide HERE
  • Enter your students to join a Battle of the Pans regional competition HERE
  • Download the Battle of the Pans in-school guide HERE
  • Download the student guide HERE
  • Download the Registration and Resource Order Form HERE


Do students have to compete in an in-school competition before they can enter one of the ServiceIQ Battle of the Pans regionals? 

No. We realise that not all schools will be able to hold their own in-school competition, so this initiative is completely flexible. You can run one (or more) in-school competitions only; run a competition and be involved in a regional event; or only be involved in a ServiceIQ Battle of the Pans regional competition; or any mix (for example, students unable to compete in your in-school competition can still enter a regional event – there are no pre-requisites).

Can I use my in-school Battle of the Pans for teaching and helping students gain unit standards and associated credits? 

Yes. The free guides include suggested classes within Live Kitchen and Static categories. Where there are relevant assessments (or, in some cases, learning materials) we will note these in that category/class, should you wish to take advantage of the opportunity. 

Battle of the Pans – Downloads

Click the links below to download:

Name Size Type
29693-Battle-of-the-Pans-Regional-Guide-Teachers-Judges-Ed1-May22-ff1.pdf 662 KB pdf
29694-Battle-of-the-Pans-Teachers-Guide-Ed1-May22-ff.pdf 1.2 MB pdf
29695-Battle-of-the-Pans-Guide-Students-Ed1-May22-ff.pdf 89 KB pdf
Battle-of-the-Pans-Student-Entry-Form-Ed1-May22-INTV.pdf 63 KB pdf
Battle-of-the-Pans-Student-Registration-Resource-Form-Ed1-May22-INTV-ff.pdf 594 KB pdf