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Tourism Level 2 schools programme letter of support


NZQA requires schools that want to deliver the ServiceIQ programme of study for Tourism level 2 to apply for accreditation to deliver the programme.

This is in addition to having consent to assess the unit standards in the programme. You will need a letter of support from ServiceIQ to include with your application to NZQA for accreditation to deliver the programme.


Here is a checklist of what you need to do in order to receive a letter of support.

  • Check the NZQA website to confirm your school has consent to assess for the unit standards you are planning to deliver.
  • Provide ServiceIQ with a letter from your school principal that includes the following:
    • A list of unit standards to be delivered
    • Details of assessments to be used - eg are they assessments written by ServiceIQ, another Provider, or written by your organisation
    • Confirmation that all assessments have been or will be pre-moderated and approved by ServiceIQ before use 
    • Details of qualifications of the teachers delivering the programme.
      Minimum tutor requirement for teaching ServiceIQ Programme of Study for Tourism L2