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2015 the year of great New Zealand service


New Zealand’s successful service industries like tourism, hospitality and retail are set to take advantage of a growing economy. Key to satisfying customers is excellent customer service. Putting a smile on a customer’s face is also great for business and helps keep people coming back, says ServiceIQ Chief Executive Dean Minchington.

He says: “Everyone in New Zealand experiences the service industry every day. Whether you’re buying a coffee, groceries or petrol, dining out, staying in a hotel, motel or holiday park, travelling on a plane or visiting a museum or tourist attraction, it’s the quality of service you receive that can make all the difference to your day.”

“Service is already vitally important to the New Zealand economy. And giving people the skills to offer top quality service will become more and more important in this increasingly competitive world.”

Over a quarter of New Zealand’s workforce is employed in the service industries. As an ITO, ServiceIQ develops specific on-the-job training programmes for people working in tourism, aviation, travel, retail, museums and hospitality, which includes accommodation, cafes, bars and restaurants, clubs, food services and quick service restaurants. These combined sectors involve around 100,000 businesses.

To put the focus firmly on the importance of great service, a special magazine has been prepared by ServiceIQ to appear in the Sunday Star Times education supplement published this Sunday, 18th January. 

“It’s about celebrating world-class service and achievement across many service sectors,” says Mr Minchington. “It highlights the people who have gained valuable skills, nationally recognised qualifications and who have won top awards while training on the job to build their careers. 

2014 SKILLS cover 222x314

“There are many careers and opportunities in the service industry: pilots to chefs, baristas to flight attendants, travel agents to tour guides, retail salespeople to event organisers, museum guides to bartenders, supervisors, hotel managers – and many more. On-the-job training is available for all roles from entry level to senior management, through ServiceIQ.”

Find out all about it in ServiceIQ’s Skills magazine lift-out in this weekend’s Sunday Star Times. 

For more information, please contact ServiceIQ on 0800 863 693 or email