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A brilliant idea on paper, and online


Online learning is now more popular than ever. But paper still has its place. ServiceIQ has refreshed its hospitality products and is launching a mix of online and paper-based learning resources for schools.

Blended option

Cookery Schools is ServiceIQ’s suite of hospitality products redesigned and packaged as a mix of online learning and print material.

For years, ServiceIQ has provided schools with quality learning products that help students gain unit standards and kick-start a career in tourism, retail and the hospitality service industries.

Until now, the products have been entirely on paper. But today there’s a demand for a blend of old and new technology. In a recent product survey with schools, over fifty percent of hospitality teachers showed a preference for products that are a mix of online and paper.

Cookery Schools is the first product to launch in the new blended format.

ServiceIQ Chief Executive Dean Minchington says it’s designed to give hospitality teachers the best of both worlds.

“It’s the same learning material teachers have always used, only now it has been brought to life in a more engaging, intuitive and flexible format for our schools,” says Dean.

“We have developed online technology to enhance and deepen the learning experience for students. And we are continuing to provide printed assessments so that teachers can retain control over how and when students’ assessments are delivered.

“At the same time, we continue to apply the same high standards we’ve always used in developing products, to bringing that learning material alive through the digital channel.”

Among the blended product features, ServiceIQ has created videos, quizzes and has introduced a level of interactivity to enrich the learning experience that will be added to with subsequent upgrades and enhancements.

The digital material can be projected in the classroom, and teachers and students can also access it on multiple formats online anytime anywhere.

The online learning resources are supplemented with a small amount of pre-printed and self-printed material that includes assessment forms, activity books, and tutor assessment and delivery guides. ServiceIQ’s range of blended cookery products is available for teachers to order now for use in the 2018 academic year.