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Estimates of 4000 new jobs in aviation prompts need for Careers Expo


The Aviation Industry Association (AIA) has added a Careers Open Day to the end of their annual Aviation Conference Week as a result of recent estimates that there will be substantial employment growth in the aviation sector.

The AIA believes that 4000 aviation roles will need to be filled over the next five years within New Zealand, or around 800 roles per year.

The Careers Open Day will present the broad range of roles available in the aviation sector, and hopefully inspire some people to consider training in this growing sector.

Roles such as aeronautical engineers, commercial airline, general aviation and helicopter pilots, flying instructors, airport security coordinators, airport ground crew, aeronautical storekeepers, air traffic controllers and flight attendants are only a short-list of the broad range of skills the industry will require going forward as it strives to accelerate and reach its growth target of being a $16B revenue contributor to the New Zealand economy.

Training facilitators such as ServiceIQ, training providers such as the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF), Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT), and aviation organisations such as Aeromarsters, Pilatus, Aircare, CAA, MHD Rockland, Elite Surface Technologies, Pacific Asia Group, Standard Aero, Tracmap, Avinet, Aviation Trader, GSB, Olympus, Heliflite, Flightcell, Air Tractor, Asia Pacific Aerospace, Edu 2000, Helicopter Association International, Lycoming, Aeromotive, Hawker Pacific and TracPlus will be presenting career training opportunities and sector information at this Careers Open Day.

AIA Chief Executive, Irene King, says, “We need more people entering our industry and it’s just such an exciting place to be with career openings and opportunities predicted to be plenty over the next five years.”

The aviation industry works in conjunction with other industries, such as tourism. The tourism industry is the world’s largest industry, capturing about a four per cent share of the world’s economy, and is classified as the most employment generating industry of the world.

In New Zealand, tourism is one of the largest export earning industries and employs one in twenty people. Tourism in New Zealand contributes nine per cent to the gross domestic product (GDP).

Dean Minchington, ServiceIQ’s Chief Executive comments that “there are clear synergies across the specific sectors of aviation and tourism and all service industries, as well as large growth prospects in the immediate future. These synergies will contribute significantly to New Zealand’s economy.”

New Zealand’s service industry has been steadily growing. Recent reports from BNZ-BusinessNZ Performance of Services Index for April were the highest they had been since April 2007 when the survey started. This is significant as the service industry contributes 70 percent of all economic activity in New Zealand.

In many aviation careers there is a requirement for employees to have gone through some type of formal training, and industry training is an innovative way of up skilling employees on the job.

The Aviation Careers Open Day is on Friday 21 June from 09:00 to 13:00 at the Dunedin Town Hall. This is a free event, and is open to the public; however people who want to attend should register at

The ServiceIQ trade stand at the Open Day will have a flight simulator available for the public to test their flight training skills on; in addition to having the actual commercial pilot’s training test available, ADAPT, which is the real multi-aptitude test that all students must pass in order to be accepted by student loan funded aviation providers.

To date, the ADAPT Pre-screening Tool has tested approximately 500 potential candidates in New Zealand. Flight schools working in partnership with ServiceIQ say that ADAPT test results have been a successful precursor for accepting those with the aptitude for training as a pilot in the areas of dexterity, ability to multitask and personality.

ServiceIQ is New Zealand’s largest Industry Training Organisation (ITO) offering nationally-recognised qualifications and workplace training programmes to the Aviation, Travel, Tourism, Museums, Cafes, Bars & Restaurants, Accommodation, Food Services, Quick Service Restaurants, Clubs, Retail and Wholesale sectors of New Zealand’s large and growing service industry.

For more information, please contact ServiceIQ on 0800 863 693 or email