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Reading the situation correctly


Do you think that any of your staff may need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to reading, writing and numeracy?

For this week’s UNESCO International Literacy Day, ServiceIQ is taking the opportunity to underline the importance of those skills in the service industry.

ServiceIQ Chief Executive Dean Minchington says the writing is on the wall for businesses in the service industry to actively help those staff in need.

“The success of New Zealand businesses and our economy depends on having skilled and adaptable people who can be more productive and able to meet new challenges in the workplace. And yet about 15 per cent of those people on Level 2 or Level 3 training programmes need some kind of reading, writing or numeracy support to be able to perform at their best,” says Dean.

“We are committed to continuing our support in helping to improve literacy and numeracy skills across the sectors we serve for the mutual benefit of trainees and the business.”

As the official Industry Training Organisation for tourism, hospitality, retail and other service sectors, ServiceIQ sets the standards, and designs the on-job training programmes used by businesses to upskill and qualify thousands of New Zealanders, from chefs and retail supervisors to tour guides and hotel front of house.

Add to that, ServiceIQ’s support for employers, and their trainees with literacy and numeracy needs as well as those with dyslexia.

Specifically, employers can get ServiceIQ’s help to apply for funding to set up in-house literacy, numeracy and dyslexia learning programmes for their trainees undertaking ServiceIQ on-job training programmes.

They can also get ServiceIQ’s assistance with assessing a trainee’s needs and get them on board with self-paced online learning programmes.

If you use ServiceIQ on-job training programmes and think one or some of your people could benefit from literacy support, please be sure to contact ServiceIQ’s dedicated LLN (Literacy Language and Numeracy) specialist Di Boss at ServiceIQ: