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ServiceIQ proud to join Pride Pledge


ServiceIQ | Te Pūkenga has joined Aotearoa’s Pride Pledge.

“We are committed to support and recognise our rainbow whānau, and those of our customers, suppliers, and partners, by signing up to the Pride Pledge,” says Tony Laskey, ServiceIQ Executive Director.

“Inclusion and diversity are important to us, not just because we want to be an employer of choice, but because these are cornerstones of so much of our nation’s service sectors. Employers and employees in hospitality, retail, tourism, travel, and aviation understand and value all individuals and their right to be themselves.

“We have worked internally for many months to ensure that our Rainbow whānau are included and have support should it be needed. We’re now taken the next step and publicly committed to the Pride Pledge statement and values.

“For us, the journey is quite new, but we are delighted to be showing that we are taking this seriously and doing something about it. We have completed a Pride Pledge Stocktake and are using the report and benchmark to develop and implement initiatives that will see us progress even further.”

The Pride Pledge is a values-based commitment that organisations and individuals can take to demonstrate their dedication to the safety, visibility, and inclusion of the rainbow members of their community and workforce, both internally and externally.

By joining the Pride Pledge, ServiceIQ has committed to this statement and values: ‘We commit to all LGBTTQIA+ (rainbow) people having the freedom to be safe, included, healthy and visible and we will use our voice to actively support and celebrate rainbow communities’.

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You can find more about the Pride Pledge here: