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Striding ahead!


Anna Bellamy has won Ziera Shoes’ ‘Manager of the Year’ for a second time. It’s a fantastic result.  But it’s the store’s great numbers and satisfied customers that give the retail star a regular lift.

It’s the pay-off that comes from an on-going commitment to ServiceIQ on-job training for herself and her employees at Ziera Shoes in Dunedin.

Anna says:

“Learning is an investment and the return is better sales and a better bottom line. I get a kick out of making a great sale. That in itself is so rewarding and I also love seeing how well we are doing.”

The 34 year-old’s first retail experience was working after school at a Dunedin craft shop. After studying design and therapeutic massage, she did a two year stint at Hannah’s shoes before leaving for her OE in Europe. In London, Anna scored a manager role at The BodyShop where she ended up training many of the top beauty chain’s staff. She then went on to manage a store for popular UK fashion brand, Monsoon Accessorize.

Returning to New Zealand, she managed Urban Angel and Pumpkin Patch stores, then stepped back into the world of shoes as manager of Ziera.

With so much work experience in one of the world’s top shopping destinations, was there anything left to learn after London?

“It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the job, there’s always a new way of looking at things, and there are always new things to learn,” says Anna. “Training forces you to look at different aspects of retail in depth and it keeps your mind fresh.”

Anna has gained a ServiceIQ National Certificate in Retail Level 3 and is currently polishing her management skills by completing another nationally recognised qualification at Level 4.


Ziera Shoes is also supporting Anna’s employees with on-job ServiceIQ training. While they earn as they learn, the team also get the satisfaction of turning new skills and knowledge into sales.

“Having your employer sponsor you through training makes you feel valued and that’s very motivating for staff,” says Anna.

“I’ve got my team doing ServiceIQ’s National Certificate in Retail Level 2 Online. It’s helps to remind them to put what they have learned into practice with customers.”

“There are so many ways it’s a great career! You meet and build many rewarding relationships with customers, and in retail, there are always lots of tools and systems available to help you continue to improve your skills, and get good results.”

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