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Partner with ServiceIQ

Helping you deliver quality qualifications

Tertiary education organisations benefit from a partnership with ServiceIQ, as do students and trainees, because the many study options lead to nationally recognised and industry endorsed qualifications.

ServiceIQ’s New Zealand certificates and diplomas provide structured qualifications, built around unit standards, which create the foundation for classroom-based training. As a provider, you can choose to purchase and use ServiceIQ resources, or develop your own.

ServiceIQ works with you to help you gain consent to deliver and assess our qualifications.

Consent to assess is the status awarded when your organisation has shown it is capable of delivering an approved course or assessing against unit standards. It is granted by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

In cases where providers intend to assess against ServiceIQ unit standards, application for consent to assess will need to include a letter of support from ServiceIQ. You are encouraged to consult ServiceIQ as early as possible when planning to apply for consent to assess. We can advise you on the consent to assess scope you will need to apply for.

For more information on consent to assess, please visit our Quality Assurance section.


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