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New eLearning experience now available for Providers


Online blended packs

Our new hospitality eLearning blended training resources are now available to your training organisation and students.

Everything you get now. Only better, brighter and lower cost

Our new blended training resources are a perfect mix of online and print material to support your face to face delivery. They’re purpose-designed to help you to deliver an engaging learning experience for your students, at less cost to you. You’ll still find the same unit standards, great recipes, menus and instructions you normally use, plus lots more.

Blended, and better

  • Now full colour.  
  • Videos for a richer more engaging learning experience for all students.
  • Can be projected in the classroom.
  • Viewable by you and your students on any devices, anywhere, anytime.
  • Supplemented with a small amount of pre-printed and self-printed material.    
  • Saves the school/provider money on resource costs each year!

The products are designed to be flexible and support whatever style of delivery is best for your learners. They include LCQ, Food Safety, Barista and many more.

While the products have been designed to be flexible and support a style of delivery suitable for your students, and this may include a distance element, students will need to be supported with some face to face delivery.

There’s much more information, as well as comprehensive FAQs.

You can get started right now, simply log in to your ServiceIQ Shop account and you’ll have access to these great new resources.