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Moderators Rulings

ServiceIQ will readily apply a Moderators Ruling in the event that a unit standard contains a small error, such as an incorrect evidence requirement, or if technical aspects of the unit standard are out of date.

A Moderators Ruling is an interim measure to be applied until such time as the unit standard in question is reviewed in full. If you are writing an assessment and find an error in the unit standard, then ServiceIQ recommends reviewing the list below in the first instance before contacting our Quality Assurance team.

If you have any questions on this process, or wish to bring an error to our attention, please email us at  


National Diploma in Aeronautical Maintenance Certification

Change over to New Zealand Certificate in Aeronautical Maintenance Certification


The trainee does not need to be certifying maintenance to earn the diploma. The Diploma will be issued once all units are complete and the CAA has confirmed a current licence number. Last date for assessment of National Certificate is December, 2020.

Unit Standards

US 3918 v5 Maintain aircraft air conditioning and pressurisation systems

There needs to be provision for candidates working on non-pressurised aircraft.


Previously, candidates working in non-pressurised aircrafts were excluded from achieving this standard. The moderators ruling allows candidates to achieve the standard in non-pressurised aircrafts. The moderators ruling is still current. Version 5 has no set expiry date.