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Quality Assurance

Introducing Quality Assurance

ServiceIQ sets the bar for training unit standards across the service sector. Our Quality Assurance team helps you ensure that your classroom or workplace assessments are credible and hit the right mark.

If you are a workplace assessment writer, or tertiary or secondary education provider, our experts will help you with your quality and moderation requirements.

We use moderation to check and verify assessments for consistency against national standards. It is designed to ensure that every step in the process is fair, valid, transparent and consistent between your organisation, NZQA and ServiceIQ.

Documents you need

Click the buttons below to download our most frequently used documents for moderation. To access our full list of documents click here.

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Consent to Assess

Consent to Assess against standards is the status awarded by NZQA when an organisation has shown it is capable of delivering and assessing against unit standards in an approved course. Applicants are encouraged to consult ServiceIQ as early as possible when planning to apply for Consent to Assess. We can advise you on the consent to assess scope you will need to apply for.

Consent to Assess is granted by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). A Provider or School intending to assess against ServiceIQ unit standards must include a letter of support from ServiceIQ with their application to NZQA. You can find out more from NZQA about how to apply for Consent to Assess here.

If you’re applying for a ServiceIQ letter of support on behalf of your Provider or School, you'll need to: 

Complete a ServiceIQ Consent to Assess Coversheet/application, filled out according to the Consent and Moderation Requirements. Please refer to the relevant industry sector requirements and follow the NZQA Consent and Moderation Requirements (Accreditation and Moderation Action Plans). You can find them here:

Secondary school educators, please discuss the full requirements of your application with a Schools Advisor prior to sending it into us. 

Submit your full application to, or courier to our address listed on this page. 

Please allow 20 working days for evaluation.

Accreditation to deliver a Programme of Study

NZQA requires schools that want to deliver a ServiceIQ programme of study apply for accreditation to deliver.

Please note: This is in addition to having consent to assess the unit standards in the programme. You will need a letter of support from ServiceIQ to include with your application to NZQA for accreditation to deliver the programme.


Here is a checklist of what you need to do in order to receive a letter of support.

  • Check the NZQA website to confirm your school has consent to assess for the unit standards you are planning to deliver.
  • Provide ServiceIQ with a letter from your school principal that includes the following:
    • A list of unit standards to be delivered
    • Details of assessments to be used – e.g. are they assessments written by ServiceIQ, another Provider, or written by your organisation
    • Confirmation that all assessments have been or will be pre-moderated and approved by ServiceIQ before use 
    • Details of qualifications of the teachers delivering the programme.

Minimum tutor requirement for teaching ServiceIQ Programme of Study for Tourism L2


All organisations with Consent to Assess for ServiceIQ unit standards are required to participate in our moderation process. This includes ensuring that all assessment material is pre- and post-moderated.

  • Pre-moderation – This involves checking assessment materials before use to ensure they meet the national standard, and is fair, valid and consistent. All providers and schools with Consent to Assess for ServiceIQ unit standards are required by NZQA to have their assessments pre-moderated. 
  • Post-moderation – This process involves checking marking of the assessment to ensure this meets the national standard; and is fair, valid and consistent. Post-moderation is requested through the Assessment Intention Plan (AIP). To complete your Assessment Intention Plan (AIP), access the Portal here. Instructions on how to complete the AIP can be found here. Usually two unit standards from each Sector (Aviation, Hospitality, Museums, Retail, Tourism & Travel) are requested for Moderation.  

Sending materials to ServiceIQ's Quality Assurance Team

You may post or email your moderation materials or consent to assess applications.

Email to:

Post to:
Attn: Quality Assurance Coordinator
Level 14, Plimmer Towers
2–6 Gilmer Terrace
Wellington 6011


Get expert help

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Quality Assurance Team.

All documents

Listed below are all of our Quality Assurance documents for you to access. Click the links below to download:

Name Size Type
Assessment-Intention-Plan-Portal-Quick-Guide-Ed4-Aug19.pdf 311 KB pdf
Consent-to-Assess-Hospitality-Ed5-Oct21.pdf 66 KB pdf
Consent-to-Assess-Tourism-and-Travel-Ed2-Oct21.pdf 59 KB pdf
SIQ-DOC-Consent-to-Assess-application-Ed2-Sep-2020.docx 989 KB docx
SIQ-DOC-PostModeration-Coversheet-Ed4-Apr19-INTV.pdf 113 KB pdf
SIQ-DOC-PreModeration-Coversheet-Ed5-Aug19-INTV.pdf 217 KB pdf
SIQ-GUIDE-QA-PostModDigitalAssessment-Ed4-Mar18.pdf 329 KB pdf
SIQ-GUIDE-QA-QuickGuide-Ed6-Aug19.pdf 53 KB pdf