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2024: Everything you need to know from ServiceIQ



2023/24 Key dates

Blended products purchase and completion in 2023

The first date to note is Friday 20 October 2023. This is the last day you will be able to order our blended products for use over the rest of 2023. Please also note that blended products purchased this year must be completed before the end of January 2024.

This is because we are replacing some of our blended products with fully online (online learning and online assessment). The change means that access to blended products purchased this year is removed at the end of January.

There is more detail on the new fully online products further down the page.

Preorders – printed, blended and fully online

Preorders for delivery in early 2024 open on Monday 23 October 2023. Preordering will close on Friday 8 December 2023.

Preordering is most important for printed resources (including blended as these have printed assessments) so our printer can ensure your order is complete and delivered the week you choose.

You can wait until next year to order the new fully online options (see below) because access to these will be instant. If you wish, you can order the fully online options from 23 October. Please note, though, that while you can assign a fully online course to a student, they won’t be able to access it until Thursday 1 February 2024.

For all the information on preordering resources for the 2024 year, including resource returns, see the Schools Noticeboard here. 

Assessment deadline for 2023

If you need Gateway and any other assessments assessed this year, you will need to have them to us by Friday 17 November. All school assessments submitted after this date will be assessed, but results may arrive in the new year.

New! Fully online learning and assessment live in 2024

We’re delighted to be able to give you this great new online learning with online assessment option, which will be live on Thursday 1 February 2024.

For a few years, our popular Te Kete online learning materials have been part of our blended options. You may know that we’ve had a project running to add online assessments (thank you to all the schools that answered surveys, gave feedback, and piloted this new fully online resource).

Developing these digital assessments has taken a lot of mahi and testing. But… it has paid off and some of the products that have been blended (online learning but paper assessment) are now fully online. The page linked at the end of this section lists all the online options and shows which are now fully online and which are still blended.

Online or print – your choice

We can now offer you the choice of traditional printed learning and assessment, or the fully online alternative (plus the remaining blended units too).

Please note: if you choose paper learning, then assessments for that student also need to be paper. The same applies for the fully digital option: learning and assessment both must be on Te Kete. (Products with a blended option remain as before: either online learning and paper assessment; or the traditional learning and assessment, both on paper, option).

Of course, you can assign paper to some students and have others on Te Kete if that works for you and them – it’s just that we can no longer offer a blended option where that product is now fully online or is in development and will be available during 2024.

Te Kete could be your game changer

Online has plenty of advantages.

Nada Drummond at Waiuku College was one of the wonderful people who helped us with this project. She said: “I love it from the marking side of things. Not having to write the date, my name and signature multiple times in each student book is a game changer and saves hours. And there’s no need to lug around piles of paper.”

Some blended products still available

As noted, where we have online assessments available, we will not be offering a blended product: it’s either paper learning and paper assessment, or online learning and online assessment.

However, as you may know, we have hundreds of assessment products, and we are purposefully taking a lot of care to make sure each online option works as expected before we make it available. This means there will still be some blended options available for you in 2024.

You could save money

The 27 new fully online units are $20.00 each ($23.00 incl GST). The highly popular Cookery packs – four units bundled together – are just $50.00 ($57.50 incl GST), representing a substantial saving of $30.

Paper products vary because we price based on the cost to produce (the more pages, the more it costs to print). There is also the freight charge for these, which is likely to continue to increase.

This means that, depending on the Unit you need and how many, you could make savings moving to Te Kete and a fully online option. You might also want to consider, where there is no cost saving, the time saving, environmental, and other advantages of the online option over paper. Either way, the choice remains yours.
Please note: Blended units that remain available will now cost $15 each plus freight ($17.25 incl GST, plus freight).

As we bring more assessments online, blended products will be phased out – but we will keep them live and available throughout 2024 so that you and your students are not disadvantaged.

We know this is a lot to take in and can be confusing. Talk to your ServiceIQ contact to see what best suits you and your students.

Where are all the options?

There is a table with all the online (both fully and remaining blended) product options here. 

Blended price increase

As noted, the price has increased for the blended Units that are still available. This is because we have had to pass on the licence fee costs of our Te Kete provider. We have done everything we can to keep this to a minimum for you, but the price has had to increase by just over $4.

As also noted above, this may still be better value for you than a fully online option. However, we expect that for most of the schools we work with, the fully online Te Kete learning and assessment Units and packs will be cheaper – plus they have many other benefits.

Cultural Camps

It’s been wonderful to get back to a year where we’ve been able to run most camps without COVID disruption and get back to being as normal as possible. Thanks go to the Hospitality Training Trust for generous support, allowing us to cover increased costs without passing these on to schools.

While weather events caused some havoc and led a few planned Camps being cancelled, those that did go ahead were hugely successful, with excellent participant feedback and – all important – student achievement.

We are looking ahead to 2024 and are reviewing how this year has gone and feeding that into planning the Camp lineup for next year.

As soon as we have the dates and places, we’ll let you know. You can discover more about Gateways Cultural Camps on our website.


Gateway is full steam ahead for 2024. We’re hoping to soon be able to let you know about wider rollouts of some of the new Gateway Programmes that have been piloted this year, as well as a few new ones that are on the boil.

The new Te Pūkenga structure has Gateway, and foundation pathways, as an area of focus, and all the ServiceIQ people you have been working with are part of that area. We’ll continue to be working hard to ensure that you and your students have the best Gateway experience possible.

We’ll keep you updated on the opportunities that the new structure brings, as well as all the existing and new ServiceIQ Gateway programmes that are available for 2024. Our website Gateway page is always up to date.

For more information, queries, or assistance, please talk to your Schools Transition Advisor.