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Assessment Intention Plan


Our Assessment Intention Plan (AIP) for 2019 is well underway.

Thank you to those who have accessed the portal and entered the unit standards your school is intending to assess this year. Emails have been delivered informing you of the assessment samples required for moderation purposes. Where possible the unit standards to be submitted are now staggered throughout the year to ease the busy end-of-year workloads.

If you have not received a request for samples for post moderation, please check with your Principal’s Nominee that the AIP has been completed and submitted.

It is the School’s responsibility to ensure this is actioned otherwise you will be failing to comply with NZQA Consent and Moderation Requirements and further action will be taken.

Please see the FAQs below and email if you have queries about any part of the AIP process.

Please note as per NZQA requirements the moderation contact must be the Principal’s Nominee.


We haven’t completed a unit by the due date, can I send in samples from last year?

No, please do not send in samples for 2018 as we require those from the current year only. If you are running later than expected, please email us to extend the date.

We are no longer teaching a requested unit, can I send in another unit?

Please email us with the details of the unit you are no longer teaching and we will select another unit from our 5-year plan. Please do not send in 2018 samples or samples from a replacement unit until requested.

Our Principal’s Nominee has changed, what do we do?

Please email us with the details, including the full name and email address of the new Principal’s Nominee and we will update the system and arrange access to the Portal.

Where do I find the post moderation coversheet?

The coversheet can be found here.