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Service Star retail game

ServiceIQ invites you to refresh your skills with Service Star, the popular interactive online game that gives players an incredible experience of working in a retail environment.

In about 30 minutes of game playing, you and your staff can experience what it takes to provide excellent customer service. You'll get a first-hand opportunity to deal with the pressures and challenges of working in a retail store where you need to take care of everything from deliveries, queues, phone orders, up-selling customers, and handling the odd angry one. 

Practice makes perfect. With your own personalised avatar, you'll sharpen your skills and achieve by moving up through 10 increasingly challenging levels and score higher on the leader board. 

Custom-designed for New Zealand retailers, Service Star was a hit from the start, attracting rave reviews from business owners and their staff. In the first six months, the game was played 30,000 times by more than 10,000 users. 

ServiceIQ Sector Manager for Retail and Distribution, Clare Savage, says the game is especially useful for new retail employees: "It's really inspiring for new recruits who learn as they play because as well as being informative, it's also lots of fun to play."