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The Manawatū-Whanganui regions' service sector is forecast to have around 7000 job openings by 2021, this is report…


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  • Tamara Johnson Apprenticeships News Thumbnails

    Apprenticeships. Ready-made recipe for New Zealand’s chef shortage

    While there are not enough skilled chefs to meet demand from discerning diners, many restaurants are thinking ahead by training highly talented young cooks on-job with a chef’s apprenticeship.

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  • Digital Enterprise Devices Eg News Thumbnail

    Cutting edge technology takes on-job training to the next level

    The launch of a new digital service will make life a lot easier for the service industry. ServiceIQ’s new system is custom designed to provide wide ranging benefits for thousands of tourism, retail, hospitality, aviation and museum businesses and their staff upskilling on the job throughout the country.

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  • MelFoodFest News Thumbnail

    ServiceIQ Hospo All Stars’ OE in Oz

    Earlier this year, four up-coming hospitality professionals were served a delicious dish fit for a gourmet; they were chosen to be the ServiceIQ All Star team with the mission to experience Australia’s famous Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2016.

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  • Taupo News Thumbnail

    Best Tourism and Best Hospitality Teams in Taupo, served to you by ServiceIQ

    Taupo has long been a natural attraction for New Zealanders and tourists from all over the world. It’s not just the sensational scenery, thermal hot pools or rainbow trout that keep visitors coming.

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  • Tourism gives back News Thumbnail

    Tourism gives back

    Years ago, travellers on the London Underground would have noticed a billboard advertising a famous New Zealand lager. Above the pack shot, a headline read: What do you call a sophisticated Australian? A smaller tag-line provided the answer: A New Zealander.

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  • Nicole NewsIcon2

    The importance of skilled professionals in the service sector

    Skilled people help make a good business great. And now, if you run a business in the service industry, it’s never been easier to upskill your talented staff on the job. It’s also an ideal solution for employers who struggle to recruit experienced staff.

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  • Managers

    Building the next generation of managers

    Effective supervisors and managers help you get the best out of your staff and your business. ServiceIQ’s two new business management programmes, approved by NZQA,  mean these important skills, and national qualifications, can be gained on the job, rather than sending your best people offsite to study at a tertiary institution.

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  • Skyline News

    Why professionals matter in NZ tourism

    They thrill thousands of visitors each year with luge rides, alpine cruises, heli-skiing, glacier flights and more. Now, Skyline Group, one of New Zealand’s largest and most successful tourism businesses is rewarding employees with nationally recognised qualifications. 

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  • New Cook App

    New Cookery Apprenticeship spices up proven recipe

    The time-tested approach to training top chefs now has added ingredients thanks to an evolution of the Cookery Apprenticeship by ServiceIQ with help from the heart of the culinary industry.

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  • Suzi News Thumbnail

    Introducing Suzi Nock - ServiceIQ's new Sector Manager, Travel & Tourism

    Suzi Nock has a passion for travel and New Zealand’s exciting tourism industry. 

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