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Skills for the New Zealand service industry

ServiceIQ is the Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for a large part of New Zealand's vibrant and growing service industry.

We aim to have a world class New Zealand service industry through skilled and qualified people.


#ServiceIQs offices will reopen at 8.30am today 11 January. Contact us via these channels

News & updates

The service sector is a busy industry. Here are some feature articles on recent news and updates...

  • Marlborough student ready for takeoff news thumb

    Marlborough student ready for take-off with ServiceIQ Scholarship

    Joel Goldthorpe has been hooked on flying since age 15 when his father bought him a pilot experience flight trial at the Marlborough Aero Club in August 2015. 

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    Happy bouncing baby business thumb

    Happy, bouncing baby business

    Since new owners took over the nationwide BabyCity brand in May 2012, the Whangarei store in particular is nurturing a fantastic success story. The rejuvenated retailer has avoided growing pains by focusing on giving new parents the best possible service for their beautiful baby, and on-job training for its talented staff. 

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    Get set for new tourism Schools thumb

    Get set for new Tourism 2017

    If you’re teaching Tourism in 2017, the New Zealand Certificate in Tourism (Introductory Skills) (Level 2) is a new programme that has some NZQA requirements that are different to the National Certificate in Tourism (Level 2) programme that you may have used previously. Find out how to deliver this new programme in 2017.

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    Cookery and FB Schools thumbs

    Cookery and Food & Beverage Products

    Updated Cookery and Food & Beverage Packs for Schools are now available to order from our website.

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  • Requesting Certificates and ROA Schools thumb

    Requesting Certificates & NZQA Record of Achievement (ROA)

    There has been a change with regard to the NZQA evidence that ServiceIQ receives and sights in order to issue secondary school students with a unit standard certificate. (e.g. 167, 17284, 17288). 

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    ServiceIQ Closedown Schools thumb

    ServiceIQ Closedown dates for 2016

    The ServiceIQ offices close on Friday 23 December 2016 (COB) and reopen on Wednesday 11 January 2017.

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    School Products Review Schools thumb

    School Products Review in 2017

    Over the last few weeks the ServiceIQ Product Development Team has been attending the Schools Cluster Group meetings held around the country. 

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    Color Accounting Workshop March 2017

    Due to industry demand, ServiceIQ CEO Dean Minchington is delighted to give you the opportunity to invite one of your people to attend this pilot workshop presentation of Color Accounting TM - the proven, critically acclaimed programme that helps non-financial managers worldwide to quickly upskill and gain vital know-how for better business.

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  • MyKitchenDesignRules thumb

    My Kitchen Design Rules

    Just over four years ago, Eliza Swainson left school intent on earning some money to help fund her study and gain entry into the NZ police force. Her plan fell into place over summer when she scored a job as a part-time check-out operator at her local Mitre 10 Mega Hamilton store.

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    Talented young women take wing thumb

    Talented young women take wing

    Seven years ago, at just 15 years-old, Bayleigh McGuire was the youngest student to learn to fly on ServiceIQ’s School Gateway Aviation programme. The training that takes place one day a week over six weeks, has proved the perfect take off to an exciting career. 

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    Success a lot more than skin deep2

    Success a lot more than skin deep

    New Zealand’s oldest nationwide department store has undergone quite a transformation over the last few years. Farmers has always been respected, but now it’s fast becoming a store that also surprises and delights its customers with a fresh make-over that is more than just skin deep.

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    Booting up a great retailer Thumb

    Booting up a great retail career

    Glenn Nielsen was plugged into studying for a degree in computer technology when a job to help pay the student loan sparked a personal discovery that changed the course of his life. 

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  • Delaware North top hospo award 01

    Delaware North at Wellington airport wins NZ’s top hospitality award again

    When you stop for coffee and a bite to eat at Wellington airport, there’s a high chance you’ll be served by New Zealand’s top hospitality team. 

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    Service Sector Jobs Infogr Thumb

    Service sectors serve up over a third of all Kiwi careers

    Not only do the tourism, retail, hospitality, aviation and travel sectors provide vital services to New Zealanders and our visitors, combined, they also serve up some of the biggest opportunities for jobs and careers. 

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    Switched on career choice Thumb

    Switched on career choice

    When she first started out in retail, Jessica Keiller used to love selling televisions – she reckons every room in the house needs one. But these days, as an assistant manager with 30 staff, she’s tuned into new challenges.

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    Top aviation and hospitality athletes win gold thumb

    Top aviation and hospitality “athletes” win gold at national skills Olympics

    Move over sports stars. On Sunday, New Zealand’s top trainees in aviation engineering, cookery and hospitality management battled national rivals to win the chance to compete against the best in the world at next year’s international WorldSkills championships, sometimes referred to as the skills Olympics. 

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  • ColorAccountingThumbnail

    Color Accounting Workshop October 2016

    Due to industry demand, ServiceIQ CEO Dean Minchington is delighted to give you the opportunity to invite one of your people to attend this pilot workshop presentation of Color Accounting TM - the proven, critically acclaimed programme that helps non-financial managers worldwide to quickly upskill and gain vital know-how for better business.

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    Reading the situation correctly thumbnail

    Reading the situation correctly

    Do you think that any of your staff may need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to reading, writing and numeracy? 

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    Action Station Thumbnail

    Action Stations!

    Jonelle Goldsbury dreamed of a job where she could earn while she learned, travel overseas, get administration and management skills, gain qualifications and move up the ranks for more pay and responsibility.

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    Restaurant or Resthome Thumbnail

    Restaurant or Rest home?

    You could be forgiven for thinking that Harbourview Rest Home in Porirua is a high quality restaurant judging by the delicious meals its residents enjoy.

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