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  • Te Herekiekie Herewini News Thumbnail

    New Zealand’s Indiana Jones of Repatriation

    Te Herekiekie Herewini grew up in the 1960s at Rātana Pā, where, he says: “If a family member passed, the whole world would stop”. Today, that reverence and respect is at the heart of his extraordinary job that involves helping to redeem the memory of those who died and were taken far away from New Zealand.

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  • Wild Bean Barista News Thumbnail

    Award-winning coffee drives fresh retail opportunities

    BP Connect gives motorists a great excuse to visit more often and it’s not just to fill up with fuel! Their ground-breaking Wild Bean Cafe serves delicious, top quality barista-made coffee that brings joy to even the most discerning palate. BP New Zealand’s General Manager of Retail, Frank van Hattum, spills the beans on the company’s unique retail offer.

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  • Tamara Johnson News Thumbnail

    Sure to rise: culinary star in her greatest job yet

    Landing her new role as Chef de Partie at Josh Emett’s acclaimed Madame Woo restaurant in Auckland is the latest step up in an exciting tour of work that has taken Tamara Johnson, ServiceIQ Apprentice Chef of the Year 2013, all the way from St Heliers Bay Café & Bistro, to Florida’s Hyatt Regency Hotel, and Food Co-ordinator on popular TV shows ‘My Kitchen Rules’ and ‘Masterchef’.

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  • Julia Hawkins News Thumbnail

    Feel Good Food

    For hospital patients, the prospect of something delicious and nutritious to eat helps dissolve the boredom, which is why a great day for Julia Hawkins, Food Services Manager at North Shore Hospital, is when she knows that the patients enjoyed the dishes they ordered from the menu.

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  • Gisborne News Thumbnail

    Skilled for fashioned success

    Not only does real experience plus on-job training provide great skills and knowledge, it also helps creates confidence, a vital ingredient for a successful career in retail.

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  • Janet Herbertson News Thumbnail

    A tour of the corridors of power

    Janet Herbertson spends her days in the Parliament Buildings, but she’s not an MP or a member of the media. Instead, Janet is responsible for giving thousands of visitors from New Zealand and all around the world a view of the inner sanctum of New Zealand Parliament. She’s been a tour guide at Parliament for 10 years, but every day is like seeing it anew.

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  • Peter DANN News Thumbnail

    What’s the best way to become a great chef? An apprenticeship for starters

    Peter Dann, New Zealand’s 2015 ServiceIQ Apprentice Chef of the Year is enjoying a similar entrée to a career as some of the world’s most famous chefs: long before opening award-winning restaurants and starring in their own TV shows, celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver both developed their skills on-job as catering apprentices.

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  • Chantel with dolphin News Thumbnail

    The Perfect Job

    Chantal Mackle has the best job in the world. “I make people’s dreams come true,” says Chantal, who takes tourists from all over the world to swim with or view the dolphins at Kaikoura.

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  • Chris Cooper News Thumbnail

    Master and commander

    “My ultimate goal is to become an airline captain,” says Chris Cooper who having just gained his commercial pilot’s licence at age 18 is climbing to the top and will soon train as a flight instructor.

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  • St Johns School News Thumbnail

    A Piece of Cake?

    Every year for the past 10 years, they have practiced their recipes over and over, packed up the gear and gone to the big smoke to win gold in the national cooking championships. And every year they’ve come home empty-handed. Until now.

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