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Retail & Retail Supply Chain Career

Shopping for a great career in retail?

Retail is a consistent strong performer. It provides an essential service for all New Zealanders. Whether it’s food, pharmacy, footwear or fashion … guitars, sports gear or craft beer, as well as millions of different products, retail also offers a large and diverse range of career opportunities. From in-store and online sales and fulfilment, stock buying and distribution, to marketing, merchandising, administration, finance and store management.

Lots of successful retailers, who started in sales, have gone on to manage a department, a store and even a company by their mid-20s, or even own and operate their own business.

Success in a retail role requires good people skills, especially a commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Being a good communicator with literacy and numeracy skills is also an advantage.


Young people who have started a career in Retail

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Get a career pathway started

Start studying at school or in the workplace

What to study at school

Students have an ideal opportunity to kick start their retail journey with several great workplace options. These include ServiceIQ’s Gateway training programmes.

Each programme offers students the valuable chance to gain credits, retail skills, knowledge and practical experience. They’ll also learn the importance of communication skills, personal presentation, product knowledge and team work.

Training is based on the Customer Service Award certificate which comprises a set menu of credits covering the essentials in retail customer service.

What to do after school

One of the best ways to get into the industry is to get started at school by completing one of ServiceIQ’s Gateway retail programmes. It’s a great introduction to the industry, and often leads to full-time employment when school is finished.

Many leading New Zealand retail businesses, from large chain stores to tiny boutiques use ServiceIQ training programmes to give staff the skills they need for career and business success.

This includes essential customer service skills, distribution, merchandising, team supervisor, store management training and more.

Find out more about the ServiceIQ on-job training programmes offered to staff by leading retailers.



You and your students can find out more about careers in retail and retail supply chain (distribution) at: >


Career & Qualification Pathways

Students can find out more about our ServiceIQ career and qualification pathways.

Pathways >


Success stories

Read about how others are succeeding in their career of choice

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Eliza Swainson

I enjoy the challenge of coming up with design solutions for customers...

Ayla Larsen

I was very interested to see how large businesses operate and plan at the top....

Beau Richardson

People say ‘it must be awesome just playing guitars all day long’…but that’s not ...”