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Successful people for business success

ServiceIQ helps thousands of Aotearoa New Zealand employers build great businesses, and employees develop great careers, with top skills gained from on-job training programmes.

What is on-job training?

On-job training takes place in your workplace. It means that your employees gain essential skills and knowledge while they are doing their job at work.

It benefits both your business and your employees. Your people learn the specific skills for your business and, by upskilling in the real work environment, they gain the know-how plus proven experience to solve problems, meet challenges and deal with tasks that they will face day to day.

Your people also get the satisfaction of earning while they learn, and gaining a national qualification.

It’s also highly cost effective: you can increase productivity while retaining well-trained and qualified people, and save time and money by not having to send your staff off-site to upskill.

Even better, you may be able to upskill your people for FREE

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How ServiceIQ can help you

We offer a full range of on-job training programmes, apprenticeships and quick online courses for the retail, hospitality, travel, tourism, museums and aviation sectors. Our programmes are designed for people at every level of the business, from new entrant to supervisor and manager. Our expert training advisors are also there to support your managers and trainees throughout the process from enrolment to assessment and successful completion of the programme. we can:



Help you choose the ideal training programme/s for your business and your people.


Customise a training solution especially for your business.


Match national qualifications and standards to your existing in-house training practices.


Provide high quality online and print based learning materials and assessments.


Provide an on-job assessment and support service.


Upskill your managers to become qualified in-house assessors for your business.


Provide trainees with qualification certificates.


And much, much more...


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