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Food & Beverage programmes

Choosing where to eat or enjoy a drink comes down to the food, the atmosphere and, of course, great service. Front-of-house staff and managers who have the right skills and knowledge are a vital part of the mix, helping to make your establishment a top shelf choice for your customers.

ServiceIQ helps you do just that by giving your talented people the essential skills they need to run the show and impress customers.

You can get just one, or a range of on-job training programmes - from online short courses to full blown apprenticeships. Every programme is designed to enhance your business while also helping your people to build professional careers in restaurant, bar and café service and management.

Food and beverage Hero Circle

Each programme is easily completed on the job, and around your business. They result in top level service for your customers and national qualifications for your people.

Choose the right programme for you

ServiceIQ’s programmes take between four months to two years to complete. Employees learn at their own pace and training mostly takes place in the workplace.


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Getting started in hospitality

Hospo savvy

Get your new staff kitchen- and service-ready quickly and easily, by upskilling them on-job in all the essentials of food safety, health & safety, customer service and more with the Hospitality Savvy Award. Designed for cafés, pubs, clubs, quick-service restaurants and take-away businesses, the bite-sized training programme is completed easily by new recruits on-job in only four months or less.

Essential skills for cafés, bars and restaurants

Hospo NZC FB L3 WEB Mar15

Deliver great customer service with the essential skills your front of house team need to build a successful business. The New Zealand Certificate in Food & Beverage Service with strands – Level 3 is a popular qualification built to enhance service, attract customers and keep them coming back for more.

Designed for employees in cafés, restaurants, bars, and clubs. 

Superior skills for premiere food service

Hospo NZC FB L4 WEB Mar15

Impress your diners with elegant world-class presentation. Your employees will learn advanced skills in the fine art of restaurant food and beverage service, including silver and gueridon service. Ideal for talented serving staff ready to advance their hospitality career and gain the New Zealand Certificate in Food and Beverage Service with strand in Restaurant Services  Level 4

Be your customer's choice every time


Choosing where to eat or enjoy a drink comes down to the food, the atmosphere and, of course, great service. Front-of-house managers with the right skills and knowledge help to make your establishment the top choice for your customers. ServiceIQ helps you do just that by offering your talented, up-and-coming trainees a New Zealand Apprenticeship in Food and Beverage  Level 3 and 4. 

Your staff will learn all of the skills they need to run the show and impress your customers. It's also a vital ingredient to building a serious career in restaurant, bar and club management.


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CaféIQ (The New Zealand Certificate in Food & Beverage – Café Strand) is the easy-to-use assessment tool that works seamlessly with your café’s current standard operating procedures and training systems. It helps you guarantee high standards and consistent quality service to your customers across the café/café chain, regardless of location and employee numbers.


RestaurantIQ icon

RestaurantIQ (New Zealand Certificate in Food & Beverage – Restaurant Services Strand) assessment tool helps you guarantee a first-class service for your customers. By integrating the assessment with your standard operating procedures, you have the confidence of knowing that your employees are meeting the required standards in your restaurant.

Wanted: Skilled café & restaurant operations managers

H NZD BarsRestaurants

Specially designed for experienced and talented restaurant, café and bar staff ready to take their career even higher. The New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management  Level 5 gives your senior people the vital skills, knowledge and capability to be able to manage the premises’ day-to-day operations, staff and planning, and pull everything together to provide a first-class customer service.