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Museum success depends upon people

Staff costs are a good proportion of the budget for many museum and gallery organisations, so it’s essential that everyone does their job well.

Visitors to museums expect a great experience. People are no longer happy with just seeing things on display – they’re after memories, entertainment, enlightenment and fascination.

This means that your business success is tied as much to your people as your exhibits, shop, café and exhibitions

ServiceIQ helps museums and galleries of all types and sizes to grow and keep skilled and knowledgeable people who can deliver top service and great results. Our programmes maximise on the job learning so offsite time and costs are reduced.

ServiceIQ’s training programme advisors are committed to working with employers like you who invest in the skills of their people. Together, we ensure that your business benefits from staff who have the training, knowledge and ability to drive your success.

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Choose the right programme for you

ServiceIQ’s programmes take between six months to two years to complete. Employees learn at their own pace and training mostly takes place in the workplace.

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New Zealand Certificate in Museum Practice - Level 4

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Essential skills and knowledge to enhance your museum operation and visitor experience. The New Zealand Certificate in Museum Practice  Level 4 prepares your team with all-round operations knowledge and skills: from collection management, cataloguing, conservation and display, to public safety, security, and understanding museum purpose, structure and financing.