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Training Videos

Videos are a great way for students and employees to learn new practical skills and knowledge.

With printed learning material it can sometimes be hard to show the practical skills required to work in the service industry, so ServiceIQ has produced a range of short instructional skill videos that can be used on their own or as a companion to our printed learning material.

We will continue to produce these short instructional skills videos for our learning material where appropriate, so keep any eye on this page in the future for more helpful videos.


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Food Safety

Food safety knowledge is a must for anyone studying or working with food. These videos demonstrate some of the basic food safety skills and knowledge you should practise in the workplace.

FoodSafety CleaningSanitising Video
FoodSafety ProbeThermometer
FoodSafety InfraredThermometer


Knife Skills

Correct Knife skills are essential when working in a kitchen. These videos demonstrate different techniques for sharpening your knives, preparing your cutting surface and cutting safely.

Sharpening knives using a sharpening stone video
Sharpening knives using a steel Video
Preparing the cutting surface
Correct cutting techniques


Te Reo Māori

These Te Reo Māori videos demonstrate how to pronounce Māori words.

Maori pronunciation video
Maori pronunciation video
Maori pronunciation video
Maori pronunciation video
Maori pronunciation video

Retail Ready

Retail Ready

These short Retail Ready videos help understanding the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Fair Trading Act, the Privacy Act, and Theft and Fraud.

Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 – Faulty Items
Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 – Returning Items
Fair Trading Act 1986 – Misleading Advertising
Fair Trading Act 1986 – Pricing Mistake
Privacy Act 2020 – Personal Information
Privacy Act 2020 – Sharing information
Theft v Fraud – differences
Theft and Fraud – preventing