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Te Paerangi


Te Paerangi (horizons) is a concept which brings life to ServiceIQ Learner Success Plans for Māori, Pacific, Low prior achieving and learners with disabilities to ensure “A resilient prosperous New Zealand where everyone has the skills, knowledge and confidence to create a fulfilling life”. (TEC Learner Success vision).

This requires a tertiary education system which is fit for purpose, and is able to respond to the needs of all learners.

Over the past three years, The Tertiary Education Commission have collated robust evidence about what really makes a difference for all learners. What they have seen is that effective investment in learner outcomes requires an intentional, holistic, whole of TEO commitment to action, to put learners at the centre of everything they do.

Their report states that currently the tertiary education system does not work well for may Māori, Pacific, disabled and low income Pākeha learners.

Based on evidence gathered from international and local best practice TEC designed and tested a Learner Success Framework (the Framework) – a continuous improvement framework with specific learner success elements. The Framework has been trialed with partners from across the tertiary system (including wānanga, universities, polytechnics, and private training establishments).

ServiceIQ has developed Learner Success Plans for Māori, Pacific, Low prior achieving and learners with disabilities.


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These plans align with the Tertiary Education Commission Framework and are informed by the seven capabilities below that underpin it.

Seven capabilities