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Adult Literacy and Numeracy

Just about every job in the service industry requires good literacy and numeracy skills.

Employees need to know how to:

  • understand and follow rules and procedures
  • fill out forms such as contracts and timesheets
  • read notices, instructions, timetables, job sheets etc
  • work on a computer
  • write reports
  • calibrate equipment.

An efficient workplace where people get along and things get done depends on everyone knowing what their responsibilities are. Understanding how to work with new and ever changing technology is important too – we all need good computer skills or we get left behind.

The success of New Zealand businesses and our economy depends on having skilled and adaptable people in the workforce. However, statistics show that:

43 Precent

43% of adults

approximately 1.1 million NZ adults aged 16 to 65 – have literacy skills below those needed to participate fully in a knowledge society.

51 Precent

51% of adults

have numeracy skills lower than those needed to meet the complex demands of everyday life and work.

ServiceIQ is working hard to turn these statistics around so that people in key industries, such as the service sector, can be more productive and are ready to meet new challenges. 

How can ServiceIQ raise the standard in my workplace?

ServiceIQ is committed to improving the adult literacy and numeracy skills of the service industry. We have robust, government-approved programmes in place to assess employees’ knowledge and skills and identify areas for improvement. 

For every on the job trainee who signs up for a qualification we: 

  • check their reading and, if necessary, their numeracy skills and give feedback, support and suggestions on how to improve
  • give you a general overview of the assessment and any reading, writing, numeracy and communication issues your employee may have
  • offer the support of ServiceIQ advisors to discuss the type of help available. 

LLN Action Plan

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