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Gateway Training

ServiceIQ offers a wide range of great Gateway training that helps students gain skills, experience, and kick-start a career in the services industry when they leave school. They’ll also gain unit standards and make professional contacts that can help open doors to a wide range of  jobs and careers in aviation, tourism, hospitality and retail service.

The ultimate role could be a chef, retail supervisor, store manager, pilot, tour guide, travel consultant, restaurant food and beverage manager, aeronautical engineer, airport operations manager, air traffic controller, hotel manager, warehouse or retail distribution manager, tourism operator, and many more.

Gateway – In their own words

Watch these new videos about Building Retail Careers and Aviation Gateway.

Building Retail Careers
Aviation Gateway

Gateway options

There are two types of Gateway training available: Readymade by ServiceIQ, and DIY where your school's Gateway Coordinators select the best ServiceIQ products to create tailor-made learning programmes for students. The DIY option is especially helpful for students who aspire to be cooks, chefs, or build a career in New Zealand’s tourism industry.

Gateway training takes place in the classroom and/or an industry workplace. Choose the most suitable options for your school and students below.


Readymade ServiceIQ Gateway Training 

The readymade Gateway training has been created by ServiceIQ in partnership with industry businesses and organisations, and includes full training resources.


The Warehouse Red Shirts in Schools Gateway training

ServiceIQ and The Warehouse have partnered to offer students a glimpse of what it is like to work in retail.

Blue Shirts
Warehouse Stationery Blue Shirts in Schools Gateway training

ServiceIQ and Warehouse Stationery have partnered to offer students a glimpse of what it is like to work in retail.

McDonald's OASIS Gateway training

ServiceIQ and McDonalds have partnered to offer students a glimpse of what it is like to work in hospitality.

Domino's Gateway Programme

The Hot Hospitality Gateway Programme gives student a sound base to learn valuable new life and hospo skills.

Countdown Seeds Programme
Countdown SEEDS Programme

ServiceIQ and Countdown offer a programme that gives students a chance to get valuable work experience.

Healthy Futures Programme
The Healthy Futures Gateway Programme

Healthy Futures is a Retail Gateway programme that gives students a chance to get valuable work experience in pharmacy retail.

Farmers Gateway Programme
Farmers Gateway Programme

ServiceIQ and Farmers give students a great opportunity to get in at the ground floor.

Noel Leeming Gateway Programme
Noel Leeming Gateway Programme

ServiceIQ and Noel Leeming give students a chance to get valuable work experience in retail.

Auckland Airport Guest Experience Gateway Programme
Auckland Airport Guest Experience Gateway Programme

ServiceIQ and Auckland Airport give students a great opportunity to get a real airport experience.

Retail Ready Online
Retail Ready Online

When retail work placements aren’t possible, Retail Ready Online is the solution.

Aviation Gateway
Aviation Gateway Flying Programme

ServiceIQ offer students a chance to find out what it's like to get behind the controls and fly an aircraft.

Aviation Aeroscience
Aviation Gateway Aeroscience Programme

ServiceIQ offers students a chance to find out what it's like to work in a variety of aviation roles – on the ground and in the sky.

Service Sector Insights Gateway
Level 3 Service Sector Insights Gateway

Give your students a big boost with Gateway programmes where all unit standard credits are at Level 3.

Cultrual Camps
ServiceIQ Cultural Camp Gateway training

ServiceIQ offers a choice of fantastic Gateway Tourism Cultural Camps held at beautiful marae around the country.


DIY Gateway

DIY ServiceIQ Gateway Training

Create your own training with our products

DIY Gateway invites Gateway coordinators to handpick products and create tailored training that best meets their students’ needs and career ambitions. There is a wide range of products to choose from across the different service sectors. Many schools use this proven approach to prepare students with great basic skills and knowledge essential for careers in tourism and hospitality, such as cooks, chefs, baristas, and food and beverage managers. 

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Important note

Gateway products must be ordered using the Gateway Student Registration and Resource Order Form. They cannot be ordered from our online shop. Schools resources will not be delivered during holiday periods.

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Step-by-step Process Guide for DIY Gateway Training

To help you get DIY Gateway Training at your school, we have developed a step-by-step process guide for you to follow. All documents mentioned in this process guide can be downloaded in the Gateway Essential Downloads section at the very bottom of this page.

Download Step-by-step Process Guide

Who can do Gateway?

Gateway is available to all secondary school students in Years 11 to 13+.

Gateway students should be:
  • organised – turn up on time, show they are reliable and able to manage their time effectively
  • motivated – show pride in their personal presentation and have standards for their own work; show initiative, enthusiasm, and commitment; and be ready to accept responsibility
  • able to take on board instructions and information
  • able to demonstrate the appropriate levels of numeracy and literacy
  • able to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues
  • able to, or willing to, learn the skills needed to work effectively as part of a team and deal with customers appropriately.

As well as workplace placements, students will have tasks and assessments to complete. They should have the self-motivation to work through these in their own time.

In return for the effort they put in, Gateway students will get a taste of what it is like to work in our sectors, helping them decide which careers are for them. They’ll also gain practical skills that they can take with them into future employment and their personal life, while achieving unit standards that count towards NCEA and higher qualifications.

How Gateway works

ServiceIQ supports your school’s Gateway department or coordinator with options for students to complete a work placement and have their learning assessed against unit standards. This gives them a great opportunity to gain real workplace experience, which helps them make realistic career choices and land that first job.

Workplace learning through Gateway is organised through a formal arrangement with ServiceIQ, your school’s Gateway department and a registered workplace. This means that the staff in those workplaces have a clear understanding of the knowledge and skills to be gained by your students as well as the assessment of unit standards.

Easy sign-up process

Once you and your student have decided on the right programme, it’s easy to get started, Here’s how it works:

  • complete the Memorandum of Understanding and Student Registration Form (you can download these from the bottom of this page)
  • study material arrives
  • the student works through the study
  • you send your student’s assessment to ServiceIQ or a registered assessor
  • student’s credits are reported
  • you order the Certificate from ServiceIQ.

Gateway Essential Downloads

Listed below are Gateway documents for schools. Click the links below to download:

Name Size Type
DIY-Gateway-Programme-flowchart-2024-Ed1-Jan24.pdf 69 KB pdf
SIQ-Gateway-DIY-Reg-Form-Ed10-Nov22-INTV.pdf 541 KB pdf
SIQ-Gateway-DIY-Training-Resources-Guide-2024-Ed1-Jan24.pdf 172 KB pdf
SIQ-Gateway-TST-brochure-2023-Ed6-Dec22-web.pdf 2.4 MB pdf
SIQ-GatewayAssessCoversheet-Ed6-Aug23-INTV.pdf 43 KB pdf
SIQ-TP-Gateway-MOU-Ed10-Dec23-ff.pdf 64 KB pdf
SIQ-TP-Gateway-supported-Reg-Form-Ed6-Nov23-INTV.pdf 247 KB pdf