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About ServiceIQ

Your intro to us

ServiceIQ is the industry training organisation (ITO) for the aviation, hospitality, retail, travel, tourism and museums sectors.

We’re all about empowering and motivating people to provide great service. This helps businesses remain competitive and New Zealand to be internationally recognised as a great place to live or visit. It also gives people working in our industries valuable skills and knowledge along with nationally recognised qualifications.

Our focus is on-job training. We work with our customers to develop the right resources, trainers, systems and procedures, and the right amount of in-depth training and follow-up to help them get ahead and stay on top.

If your business is in one of New Zealand’s diverse and exciting service sectors and you want to offer the best service you can, we’d love to work with you. We offer a range of on the job programmes from short upskill courses right through to national qualifications, and they could even be free.

Our Mission

We support our employer, learner and Government stakeholders by:

  • setting relevant standards, and the quality assurance for those standards
  • facilitating the training needs of the service industry
  • advocating on behalf of the industry for workforce development
  • providing national perspective and leadership
  • policy setting across the service industry sectors.

Introducing ServiceIQ values video