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Workplace Verifiers

Workplace verifiers are people who work closely with a trainee in the workplace. Their role allows them to see or hear trainees at work and confirm their skills and/or knowledge, and therefore know and verify that someone is competent. Competence means the trainee has the ability to perform the required activities to a defined standard consistently and over time.

Has your workplace seen that you have what is takes to help your team members ensure their knowledge and skills meet the required standards? Great! That makes you perfect to be a verifier. You will have been chosen to be a verifier because you are a subject matter expert and have the necessary knowledge, abilities and skills to tell if staff are competent at specified tasks in their roles.

Your first question is probably ‘Why me?’ followed quickly by ‘What is verification?'

This verifier’s course will answer both these questions and give you lots of useful information about what you must do, why you have to do it and how it must be done.

How to register for our ServiceIQ Workplace Verifier online course

Email your interest to with your name, preferred email, and name of organisation or click the 'Apply now' button below.

How to be a great verifier

Verification is the process of checking that something is true and correct. It includes, confirming the trainee always performs the tasks to the required standard and documenting tasks you have seen the trainee perform. The verification is used as evidence to help the assessor judge whether the trainee has met the requirements of the unit standard.

The following video demonstrates how verification works in the workplace:Kirsten Riechelmann Video