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Warehouse Stationery Blue Shirts in Schools Gateway

Retail is an exciting career choice with loads of possibilities – from helping customers, product displays, marketing, running a store, to management at head office. 

Warehouse Stationery Blue Shirts in Schools is a Gateway programme that gives students a chance to get valuable work experience in retail and help make the move from school into a career.

Students will gain credits that can be used towards a nationally recognised New Zealand Certificate in Retail. They’ll be supported along the way and learn important skills in line with industry standards including: effective communication; personal presentation; product knowledge and teamwork.

Blue Shirts

How it works

Students, who meet the selection criteria, receive a work placement with Warehouse Stationery. They will be supported by a dedicated Schools Transitions Advisor who works with store management to make sure they get an all-round understanding of the world of retail. Students will be supplied with customised learning resources, clear development plans and support from the Schools Transitions Advisor who will keep their school up to date. Students’ work will be assessed by ServiceIQ.

Students need to be self-motivated, conscientious, willing to learn, and able to gain competency in all the unit standards within the programme to be awarded the credits.


Benefits for students

  • Get an introduction to an exciting career in retail

  • Gain credits towards a nationally recognised qualification

  • Get real experience in a real workplace

  • Enjoy the camaraderie from working as part of a team

  • Learn great industry skills and knowledge essential for a retail career

  • Learn in a fully supportive environment.

This Gateway programme is a partnership between ServiceIQ and Warehouse Stationery Ltd.


Programme details

The programme involves work experience and is available through participating retailers.

It costs $500 +GST per student and results in a Blue Shirts in Schools certificate. The certificate is made up of a set menu of credits which may be used towards a New Zealand Certificate in Retail

As part of The Warehouse Blue Shirts in Schools package each student will receive: 

  • work placement with Warehouse Stationery
  • customised learning resources
  • assessment and support through a dedicated Schools Transitions Advisor
  • Polo shirts (these will need to be returned on the last day).
Unit Unit standard title Level  Credits
62 Maintain personal presentation and a positive attitude in a workplace involving customer contact 2 3
9677 Communicate in a team or group which has an objective 2 3
11968 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of legislation applicable to sale of goods and services 2 4
11971 Use safe work practices in a retail environment under supervision 2 3
28301 Demonstrate knowledge of products and product information in a retail environment 2 5
24997 Demonstrate knowledge of theft and fraud in a retail or distribution environment 2 5
  Total Credits   23


How to apply

To sign up to this great programme, please click on the link below and fill in your details. A Schools Transitions Advisor will be in contact with you shortly.